Al-Qaeda Attacks the Eiffel Tower In “Solidarity with Aleppo”

By Ollie Richardson

On 14th December, 2016, Al Qaeda attacked Paris, and de-energised the Eiffel Tower. Well, this should be the headline in the newspapers, but instead the mainstream media are using The Eiffel Tower Will Go Dark to Honor Aleppo, Eiffel Tower to go dark in solidarity with Aleppo, or some other generic slogan. Of course, it is difficult for the usual Russiaphobic publications to admit that a western NGO organised an event to offer some PR to the last few terrorists in East Aleppo. Thus, the propaganda seen in Paris as of late finds a safeheaven in mainstream media thanks to vague concepts like “moderate” rebels, which for those who can barely tie their own shoes laces is enough to wash the brain.

Moving on to the actual attack, the lights on the Eiffel Tower went off at 8pm local time, and beneath the structure a mob congregated. This mob, with their lust for terrorism, wouldn’t look out-of-place in Idlib or South Sudan.

The following are facts:

  • France has funded terrorist organisations in the Levant, including arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Qatar – sponsors of groups like Ahrar al-Sham and Nour al-Din al-Zinki;
  • France was involved in the bombing of Syrian civilians;
  • The french cement company collaborated with ISIS;
  • The official narrative is that Bataclan theatre was attacked by “ISIS”;
  • France was directly involved in bombing Libya and murdering Muammar Gaddafi;
  • France is directly involved in arming terrorist groups in Africa – keeping at bay leaders who are deemed undesirable to the IMF racket;
  • France has led efforts to “Balkanise” Syria using Kurdish groups to form “Rojava”;
  • France has been trying to divide and conquer the Middle East since time eternal (Sykes-Picot, for example).
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So, given the above facts, the logical fallacy present in the hijacking of the Eiffel Tower by pro-Al Qaeda supporters stands out like a sore thumb. Firstly, Aleppo was destroyed by the western “coalition” and their gulf allies, who were determined to create demarcation lines for a future partition. If all went to plan, Turkey was supposed to annex Aleppo. But then the Su-24 shootdown happened… Secondly, France has not given a single breadcrumb in aid to Aleppo, and before the war it certainly couldn’t care less about Syria, let alone Aleppo. But of course, through blowback events like the Paris terrorist attacks, the Liberal ideology is shaped to suddenly care about the lives of the very people who are being exterminated courtesy of tax euros, dollars, and pounds – using the military industrial complex as an intermediary. If the inherent leftist racism wasn’t enough (you are an Arab and not from the west – therefore you need people to help to make you appear human and live “normally”), the “Free Syrian Army” flags must surely be the cherry on the cake.

This comes just days after John Kerry came to Paris and gave a farewell speech to his Jihadist thug friends, bagging a medal in the process. And, as if all of this wasn’t nauseating enough, French TV has been playing on a loop the imaginary narrative that fathers in Aleppo are killing their daughters so that they won’t be raped and tortured by the Syrian Army. 

As has been shown since Russian entered the Syrian theatre – the western media machine is spluttering and grinding to a halt. Bana from Aleppo has been outed for the fraud “it” is, the UN has been exposed as the tool of genocide that it is, and the “moderate” trojan horse has been dispatched to the trash can as the recycled Gladio covert operation that it is. 

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Let’s wait and see how long it takes western bodies and governments to suddenly remember that a child was beheaded in East Aleppo by US-vetted al-Zinki, or that the whole reason Aleppo looks like a scene from Saving Private Ryan is because such groups used hell cannons day in day out for over 3 years. If the Iraq invasion is anything to go by, we can expect Obama to become Special Envoy of the Quartet
on the Middle East, much like his “democratic” buddy Tony Blair.


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