Alcoholic Efremov Goes To Jail, While His Lesbian Daughter Does Maidan in Minsk

This is the end of the tragicomic show that the media turned the trial of the “citizen poet”, great friend of Ukraine, former honoured artist of Russia, and one of the ideological leaders of the Russian “democracy” – Mikhail Efremov, into. The artist who was involved in a fatal accident while drunk got even more than expected: eight years in a common prison colony. The court’s decision was clearly influenced by the behaviour of the “star”: Efremov, who initially expressed signs of remorse, during the process started to grimace and squirm during the trial.

If in the first days after the terrible accident Efremov repented and evoked at least some sympathy, the trial of the “star” and his lawyers turned into a cheap and disgusting crude farce. For example, on September 8th, an hour before the verdict was announced, the entire “old guard” of “democracy” gathered outside the courthouse, shouting: “Freedom To Mikhail! There is no proof that he was not driving!”. Soon a shaman with a ritual headdress made of feathers and a tambourine drove up to the building. Later, he was joined by several mages in exotic costumes and black capes. What was happening started to resemble the program “Bitva Extrasensov”, which was eventually confirmed – the detained “magician” indeed turned out to be the former participant of “Bitva Extrasensov” Nikita Turchin… After spreading the dark material on the asphalt, one of the participants of the orgy took out magical items: a goat’s skull, a bunch of wormwood, a stake, candles, and photos of Efremov, the victims’ lawyer Aleksandr Dobrovinsky, and the defendant’s lawyer Elman Pashayev. Then a real clown on stilts and with a drum pulled up to the court, but this one was immediately sent away by the police.

However, the magic didn’t work. The reading of the verdict lasted more than an hour and a half and ended quite predictably. Recall the most striking milestones of this terrible case. On the evening of June 8th Efremov, who was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, drove into the oncoming lane on the Garden Ring. In the area of Smolenskaya Square, he collided with a Lada van of the “Delikateska” online store. The truck driver, 57-year-old resident of Ryazan Sergey Zakharov, was hospitalised at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute, but the multiple injuries did not give him a chance to survive.

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The enumeration of witness statements and the results of examinations took up a significant part of the time. Efremov stood with his head bowed. The court did not believe the defendant’s version of events – that he did not remember what happened and came to his senses only when police officers took him for a medical examination. The investigation found that the defendant indeed could not physically remember what happened, as he “rested” that day to the fullest. In the artist’s blood, they found 1.05-1.25 ppm of alcohol, as well as cocaine, cannabinoids, and ethanol, and traces of hashish oil and hashish in the car. In general, it is easier to list what he didn’t use that day.

Initially, Efremov pleaded not guilty and said that he did not remember anything. Commenting on footage from the scene of the accident, in which he offered to pay off traffic police officers, the actor said that he hardly recognises himself, and compared himself to “Mr. Hyde”. Then there was a video of repentance, then Efremov again refused to plead guilty. Then there was a simulation of a stroke, after which the cheerful “dying man” attacked the lawyers, the prosecutor, the judges, and everyone else with accusations.

Efremov’s lawyer Elman Pashayev brought to court three people – Aleksandr Gaev, Andrey Kobts, and Tevan Badasyan, who claimed that the SUV was allegedly not driven by Efremov. However, it turned out that one of them did not see well at all, the second was not seen on the surveillance cameras on Plotnikov Lane, where, as the defence witness Badasyan assured, he was walking shortly before the accident and saw another person getting into Efremov’s car, and the third was simply confused where and who he saw. “Thus, the court session established that it was Efremov who was the driver who committed the accident,” the verdict read. Representatives of the victims (they were recognised in the case as the widow, two sons, and brother of the deceased) called them perjurers. And the lawyer of the widow of the deceased, Anna Butyrina, even asked the court to allocate materials in relation to them in a separate proceeding to resolve the issue of initiating a case.

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The interrogation of another defense witness, expert auto technician Yury Fialko, became a media hit. He is the “expert opinion” about the blinding of Efremov with a laser beam, about the presence of vapours of “toxic substances” that could allegedly be sent through the air conditioner in the cabin, and about the presence of anomalous places in the city and hacking of the on-board computer of a car by “Russian hackers”. At the same time, several eyewitnesses of the accident said that the actor was driving, and there was no one in the passenger seat.

As was noted by almost all lawyers and experts, Efremov has to repent, pay money to the family of the deceased, just ask for forgiveness in a human way, and he would be given if not a suspended sentence, then three years in prison. But thanks to such a defence, the court gave Efremov a full sentence. By the way, the prosecution asked for even more for the defendant – 11 years in a common prison colony, to which Efremov said that he would not live long enough to be released. The court gave him three years less, taking into account the presence of Efremov’s dependent two young children and a student daughter. And then an evil fate was already behind the “citizen poet”, because his beloved daughter, brought up in a Moscow liberal crowd, decided not just to follow in her father’s footsteps, but to start from the end. As was previously reported by the media, on September 5th another Maidan action took place in the centre of Minsk – Women’s peace march. 1,500-2,000 females gathered near the Komarovsky market, and the end point was Independence Square. They held posters, flowers, white-red-white rags, flags of the US, UK, Canada, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Israel, Italy, Germany, Albania, etc. The striking force of the march was a column of lesbians. Under the slogan “Lesbians against dictatorship”. And, Anna-Mariya Mikhailovna Efremova herself appeared in the front of this column. With “rainbow” filth on her shoulders. She protested against the Lukashenko “regime”, had fun (on the eve of the verdict of her beloved daddy), provoked OMON, and kissed other participants passionately.

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According to media reports, Efremova demands to call her a “non-binary person”: “Therefore, I periodically talk about myself in the masculine gender, and periodically in the feminine”, shack up a like-minded pervert, and want to adopt a child, leave Russia for the UK, and buy a cottage there. After a fatal accident caused by my dad: “I got off the antidepressants (as a male). Now we are doing trauma rescripting with a psychotherapist. I suspect I have ASD (autism spectrum disorder), but it’s not for sure that this is a fact, so I will be checked”. While in Minsk, it was written: Recordings of Anna-Mariya Efremova before the Minsk rally: “Amazing adventures of a pederast on the Belarusian border. May Hermes help me… At 19, I will cross the border semi-legally, and what have you achieved?.. I’M ALIVE, I’M IN MINSK, EVERYTHING IS FINE”. At the end of the march she wrote: “My trip to Minsk is literally ‘be gay, do crime’.” However, the story in Belarus is not over yet, and a sick girl, as well as a militant feminist-lesbian, if she still gets into a fight with OMON or commits another crime, may well keep Dad company in the colony.

But the most interesting thing in this story is not even the behaviour of this “wonderful” family, but the fact that these people were just recently presented to us as the standard of the “conscience of the nation”, seeing which “cattle” just should not fall to their knees. After all, they are so progressive, liberal, honest, noble, and exactly what “a new Russia needs”. Moreover, if only it was about just Efremov and his daughter – someone made icons out of them, and this someone, as it is now fashionable to say, shared all the views and values of this family.

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