Aleksandr Gaponenko: The Caterpillar Tracks of Totalitarianism in Latvia

Today there was another court hearing concerning the process in which I am accused of inciting ethnic strife, destroying Latvian statehood, and acting in favour of a foreign state. Witnesses (in the photo) said that all of this is not the case at all.

The prosecution has about 50 episodes, and I will list only a few of them.

1. I went to the Riga presentation of the Polish feature film “Volyn“. It is about the Volyn massacre, when Ukrainian Nazis destroyed the civilian Polish population and Polish Nazis destroyed the civilian Ukrainian population. The film is well filmed and truthfully reflects this tragic episode of our history. The film touched me emotionally, as both Polish and Ukrainian blood flows in me. During a discussion about the film, I said that I liked it and that similar excesses should not be allowed to recur. An agitator sent by the special services (I will not publicly gave his surname so that his children do not spit on their father’s back) tried to provoke a scandal in the discussion of the film, but was put in their place by other viewers.

In this episode, the local James Bonds initiated criminal proceedings for the incitement of ethnic strife. The compilation given to the security police was written by the Deputy of the Saeima Edvīns Šnore – the one that identifies Russians as lice and proposes to act against them as one is supposed to act with all blood-sucking insects. It seemed to him that I was inciting hatred towards Nazis as such, which affected his honour and dignity.

2. I published an article in the collection “The New Cold War in Europe”. The collection was compiled and published by Marie Krarup, a member of the Danish Parliament from the ruling People’s Party. In the article I gave a Russian view of the problem. The collection also published the current Minister of Defence, Artis Pabriks, and the Doctor of Political Science, Māris Sprūds. They laid out the Latvian view of the problem.

At the presentation of the collection in Copenhagen, I argued with the Minister of Defence. I told him that the Danes had colonies on the territory of present-day Latvia (Piltene) and were responsible for those who were tamed at the time. He didn’t get the joke.

The Latvian Security Police consider the article and joke as actions aimed at destroying Latvian statehood. Why – it is difficult to understand, but it seems that it gives an argument to the Danish imperialists for rebuilding their colony.

3. Several times during broadcasts on “PIK” radio with Einārs Graudiņš, I expressed congratulations to Donald Trump, who had just been elected President of the United States. I scolded the Latvian authorities for siding with Hillary Clinton, who lost the election. These statements were assessed by the Prosecutor’s Office as work in favour of a foreign state. Whether this means the United States or Russia, they did not bother to clarify in criminal case.

I will not analyse the content of the remaining 47 “criminal” episodes so as to not bore readers. I will mention only participation as an international observer in the Russian presidential election, the publication of three scientific monographs, participation in the work of the international intellectual Election Club, correspondence with kind Moscow girls, and correspondence with the heads of parliaments of all countries of Europe.

So, children, don’t go out for a walk in Latvia, or you will find yourselves under the caterpillar tracks of totalitarianism. The trial is not a joke, but real and threatens up to 10 years of imprisonment for all the above-mentioned “crimes”. However, I have already served four months in Riga Central Prison with drug lords. As was acknowledged by the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, I served this for reasons unknown.

Aleksandr Gaponenko

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