Aleksandr Rodgers’ Response to the Call of Vyatrovich to Sever All Ties With Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The director of the Nazi Institute of National forgetfulness Vladimir Vyatrovich wrote on his Facebook page:

‘Keep away from Moscow’, or the simple things that rescue. Everything that distances us from Russia, brings benefits to Ukraine. Everything that keeps a connection between our countries (economy, language, history, culture, traditions, and, eventually, even family connections) will be used against us.”

Yes, of course. We see for three years how breaking off economic, transport, production, commercial, scientific and other ties, Ukraine becomes “better and better”. So “better” that GDP fell twofold, and 85% of the remaining population (who still haven’t had the time to flee) live in total poverty. However I don’t dispute that for Poroshenko and his little chained hounds like Vyatrovich it became better – it is possible to freely plunder on the sly.

Actually, I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. Not necessarily from Vyatrovich, not necessarily in such a form, but surely similar in its essence.

Demands from the side of “correct Galician Ukrainians” to “wrong Malorossiyan Ukrainians”, to finally refuse their roots, history, culture, and relatives. To become total Janissars/mankurts.

I understand that Galicians have practically nothing left in common with Russians. They already don’t remember any more that Daniel of Galicia was from a family of the Rurik dynasty. Having been for centuries under the power of Poles, Hungarians, the Austrians, they practically lost their Russian identity, becoming hereditary slaves who got used to worship everything western. The last representatives of the russophile Lvov intelligentsia, who for centuries remained loyal to Orthodoxy, were massacred by wild mountain vuika during the Lvov pogrom of 1941. Since this time almost nothing Russian remained there.

Vuika before a monument to Franz Joseph

The most ridiculous thing is that “brainwashed” often call us mankurts, who perfectly remember their roots, from where we came from, who are our ancestors, and who we are.

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But in reality the slaves and mankurts are they – who refused Red Ruthenia, who refused their Russianness, who refused their history for the sake of licking Austrian boots and “Banderism”, who refused the faith of their ancestors for the sake of Catholicism and the Uniate, and who three years ago refused independence for the sake of cookies and a visa-free regime.

And now they, mankurts, demand from residents of Malorossiya to also refuse their language, their memory, their history, their faith (they try to forbid the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate), and their blood.

In the ranks of nazi UPA about 120,000 Ukrainians fought on Hitler’s side. In the Red Army over 6 million Ukrainians fought on the side of the USSR. And now the descendants of this scanty small bunch of not-finished-off Nazis try to force descendants of the winners to refuse the memory of the victory over Nazism.

All those like “Vyatrovich” don’t consider the Waffen-SS “Galicia” division as nazi. They don’t consider Shukhevych, who served in the 201-schutzmannschaft battalion as a junior officer and is guilty of burning hundreds of Belarusian villages together with its inhabitants, as a nazi criminal.

You, Russian-speaking Ukrainian patriots, thought that it will be possible to become “political Ukrainians”, continuing to speak Russian, to watch Soviet movies, to listen to Russian music, and communicate with your Russian relatives. But no, you will be forced to become “Ivans, who don’t remember their roots”, rootless critters, and mankurts.

You are forced to choose between Rus and Anti-Rus. Between Rurik dynasty and Habsburg. Between Orthodoxy and the Uniate. Between Aleksandr Nevsky and Devlet-Girey. Between Vatutin and Bandera. Between the Red Army and nazi collaborators. Between a city civilization and a village. Between the special Russian way and the status of natives in colonies. Between Vladimir Vysotsky and Ivo Bobul. Between Cyrillic and Latin. And, finally, between your relatives and Vyatrovich.

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You are already being forced. Every day you are imposed with surzhyk, Dyki Tantsi, embroidery, village culture, hatred to Russia, primitivism, and trashiness. You, like a wolf, are surrounded by interdictions like roped flags, both formal and informal ones. There is no freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly, no freedom of ideology, the freedom of religion is being killed, and so on.

Not to watch the Russian television, not to listen to Russian music, not to read Russian websites, not to go on Russian social networks. It is forbidden to be communists, it is forbidden to be anti-fascists. It is forbidden to criticize Poroshenko. It is forbidden to not bow down to the West. It is forbidden to not want to go into “Europe”. It is forbidden to go on vacation in Crimea.

One of the most fear-inducing enemies of the Poroshenko regime is the 73-year-old Ivan Bondarchuk – recently arrested, a grandfather of 1.4 meters in height, my former chief in the Socialist party. Two more fear-inducing enemies of the regime – grandfather Apukhtin and grandmother Aleksandrovskaya. Pensioners are the main threat to the regime!

You are not ashamed, miserable ones?

And attacks on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate, and appeals to refuse relatives in Russia is the hysteria of the Poroshenko regime. The people hate this regime more and more, and the regime tries to redirect this hatred outside.

Poroshenko’s regime keeps exclusively on updates of hatred. Putin, the FSB, the Kremlin, Moscow, Russians, Russia – all of this should be hated and feared, feared and hated.

You should hate Russia, and Waltzman [Petro Poroshenko’s actual surname – ed], and Groisman, while you – suckers – are occupied with hatred, will steal a couple billion more.

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“Crimea was taken away from you”? Really? But it wasn’t taken away from me!

To me, on the contrary, a lot was returned. More precisely, I returned it myself.

26 years ago Moscow, Minsk, Rostov and Vladivostok were taken away from me. But recently I took them back. I returned to myself Sevastopol, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara (where my wife is from), Murmansk (where my cousin lives), Novgorod, Smolensk, Vladimir, Omsk, Tyumen, and Kaliningrad. I returned Crimea to myself, the Gulf of Finland, Baikal, Kamchatka, Altai, and the Taiga.

I simply came back home, to Russia. Crimea is mine. And maybe also yours – if you remember who you are and where you are from.

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