Aleksandr Rodgers: Two Oil Paintings – Which One Do You Prefer?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Let me paint for you two oil paintings. And then we will compare.

To start, let’s imagine what would happen if Russia three years ago directly entered Ukraine to quell the Nazi regime of Poroshenko.

  • We would have the consolidated West in the form of a uniform anti-Russian group. Where, amongst other things, not only Poroshenko, but also all other western governors could pin economic problems on “Russian aggression”.

The US would keep all their “allies” in a rigid bridle. NATO would achieve an increase in military expenses. And all this would be concentrated against Russia.

  • Clinton would win in the US elections, and the American elite would be consolidated.

  • In Ukraine there would be strong anti-Russian moods based on the illusion that “here the damned Russians tore us from the European freebie”.

  • Russia’s resources would already not be enough to support Syria, and therefore Assad would fall, and Qatar would start driving the gas through its territory to Europe (or, at least, it would finish the construction of the gas pipeline), dumping gas prices and reducing the income of the Russian budget – up to an embargo.

  • After the fall of Syria, the forces of the Arab monarchies sponsoring terrorists would focus on Iran, naturally closing off our southern “soft underbelly”.

  • And it is then that the maxim of western propagandists “the whole world against Russia” would be considerably realized.

And the second painting – what we have today instead of this.

  • The western coalition actually disintegrated. All gnaw at each other, Brexit, disputes over Gibraltar, in Britain a parliamentary majority is received by Labour under the leadership of the socialist Jeremy Corbyn, Trump demands $350 billion from Merkel, Juncker speaks about need for a separate EU army (out of NATO), and so on.

The sanctions regime brought losses to European companies amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars, caused mass discontent towards locals elite, and actually forces them to search for ways to exit the regime of sanctions and resume dialogue with Russia.

  • Trump won in the US and the American elites are split. Meetings, riots, clashes with the police and among themselves, Trump is at war against the mainstream media (and vice versa), the former director of the FBI Comey is labeled a liar (at the same time he himself godlessly lies at parliamentary hearings), Congress blocks a number of initiatives of the President.

Both Europe and America laugh at the propaganda about the “Russian threat”.

  • In Ukraine there is mass disappointment concerning “European integration”, Maidanists are reprimanded and beaten. Many of them emigrated to other countries. A split in the environment of coup-makers, they are going to go for each other’s throats. Support of the drinking Poroshenko already around a statistical error.

  • The situation in Syria is slowly being stabilized. Besides Russia, Iran and China slotted into the pro-Assad coalition. Government troops control more and more territory, terrorists lose personnel, equipment, and money, their structures collapse.

  • A split among the Arab monarchy. All of them united against Qatar, from which a whipping boy is hastily made.

  • Instead of one point of focus – Russia, the disconnected forces of the West are compelled to be spread as a minimum across China, Iran, Syria, and Russia. And as soon as they try to concentrate on only one thing, their attention inevitably switches to another direction.

And as for Ukraine, also “for some reason it seems to me” that at some point when Lavrov once again asks “So, and what will we decide about Ukraine?”, he will in response be irritatedly brushed aside “Oh, but take it back already”. And this moment is already not far away.

So tell me, armchair strategists, which of the two paintings is more preferable for Russia? Somehow it seems to me that it’s the second one.

Moreover, we initially said that somehow, approximately, everything will be like that. But “SOS patriots” continue to jump discontentedly. They would bomb! The whole world to dust!

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