Aleksandr Rodgers: Girkin & Yarosh – a Fitting Fake

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The other day on the Internet a transcript appeared of a conversation on Skype between Girkin and Yarosh. Then it appeared that it was a fake, but a huge number of people thought it was real. But why actually?

Moreover, not only random people, but also skilled journalists, and even many of those who are personally familiar with Mr Fleeing-Commander. Why did this happen?

It is very simple: if to compare that is written in the transcript of the fake conversation with what Mr Fleeing-Commander usually says, it becomes obvious that there is no difference. Mr Girkin already pronounced or wrote any phrase from the fake transcript, and repeatedly. The sense is identical.

And in the light of this it becomes already almost indifferent, whether he told it to Yarosh, or simply talked similar nonsense in the public space.

And by the way, perhaps it is worth refreshing an exchange of courtesies between the Mr Fleeing-Commander and and Mr Yarosh, which happened in November, 2016.

Here is how Mr Fleeing-Commander respects an experienced Ukro-nazi:

“Yarosh, in comparison with others, received heavy wounds, during the fights near Donetsk, and it’s just impossible to call him a coward, by the way. The enemy can be hated, but they also must be respected, if they are a worthy enemy. And in this regard, he is more worthy than the majority of big-bellied Ukrainian Generals, who buried a huge number of their Ukrainian soldiers, thanks to their more than idiotic actions.”  

And the same from Mr Yarosh:

“In return… Girkin – enemy. Girkin – beautiful saboteur… Glory to Nation, Death to Russian Federation!”

I.e. there was a reason for a great friendship.

But we agreed to consider this conversation between Girkin and Yarosh on Skype as fake. Therefore — let it be fake.

But the fake sounds the same as the usual texts and speeches of the Mr Fleeing-Commander: everything is bad, all of us will die, Russia degrades and collapses, Putin leads the country into the abyss, the Kremlin betrayed the Russian people, Donbass is flushed, defeat in Syria, and so on and so forth.

In this regard I have a very simple, but important question: why do the statements of Mr Girkin constantly, with an enviable regularity, used by Ukrainian media in their propaganda? They constantly joyfully quote him with comments “Aha, look here!”

Try to find at least one similar quote from statements of Rogers, Ishchenko, Wasserman in favor of the propaganda of the regime of Poroshenko. You didn’t find any? Right, because there aren’t any. Also there can’t be. Moreover, all nazi media and all “political scientists” serving Poroshenko’s regime, “experts” and “ideologists” diligently pretend that we simply don’t exist. Why is this?

Because the only, single and emotional, public splash of my discontent with the Russian government was on the fact that the nazi criminal and murderer Savchenko was released. And this the Kiev regime couldn’t use at all in its own favor.

But also all the anti-fascist, Soviet, and Russophile discourse that I express, completely, to the last comma, opposes the Kiev nazis and the globalist-warmongers that are standing behind them.

While an anti-Soviet person always appears to be a Russophobic one. Completely and absolutely.

How he would pretend to be a patriot of “another, alternative Russia”… but his other, fantasy Russia is in a wardrobe behind the doors of Narnia, while real Russia, with all its merits and demerits, he hates.

You want to object? Great! Then answer me:

1. Why did so many people believe this fake about the Mr Fleeing-Commander?

2. Why is Mr Fleeing-Commander regularly quoted in media of the regime of Poroshenko?

3. Why does the same media never quote Wasserman, Ishchenko, me, and many others?

Conclusions, as they say, are as clear as day.

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