Aleksandr Rodgers: Who Is the Real Terrorist Here?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


All attempts of the Kiev regime of Poroshenko to instigate legal proceedings against Russia in various international instances look miserable, pathetic, and have no prospects.

And in general — in Ukraine Poroshenko completely controls only his glass. And even this he struggles to do.

To be convinced of it, let’s consider each of them separately.

The first case. Kiev’s accusation about a violation of the convention on the fight against financing of terrorism. It is unclear who and on what basis the Kiev regime calls “terrorists”. If it is about the LDPR, no international instance, organization or court didn’t recognize them as such. Moreover, it was refused even in some Ukrainian courts, in which attempts were made to drag out such decisions. Therefore all attempts to speak about “financing of terrorists” with regards to Russia is an empty shaking of air, deprived of the slightest signs of sense.

In three years of civil war in Ukraine Novorossiya’s militia didn’t undertake any actions that could be regarded as an act of terrorism. To be convinced of it, it is enough to look even at the most general definition of terrorism.

Terrorism is the policy based on the systematic use of terror (intimidation and bullying). Acts of terrorism are actions that prescribe the seeding of fear and horror for the achievement of any political results.

For all the time of resistance, the opponents of the Kiev regime didn’t do anything that could be called an act of terrorism. All their actions were only in answer to the coup d’etat organized by the USA, and had an especially defensive character.

But the Kiev regime systematically practices terror. Here are only the brightest facts of this terror:

  • The murder of policemen on Maidan, when a wounded police officer of the Interior Ministry was left publicly to die, not allowing the ambulance to come to him.
  • The mass burning of people on May 2nd, 2014, in Odessa.
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  • Opening fire from machine guns at a festive demonstration on May 9th, 2014, in Mariupol.

  • Mass murder of employees of the District Department of Internal Affairs by an illegal bandit formation under the leadership of Lyashko in Mariupol on May 9th, 2014.
  • A missile strike from a jet on the center of Lugansk on June 2nd, 2014.

  • Regular not selective shelling of residential quarters of the cities of Donbass by UAF artillery.

  • Attempts to arrange a humanitarian disaster in Crimea, having blocked the supply of water there. And similar attempts to block deliveries of electricity in the winter. These actions carry signs of attempted genocide.
  • Regular appeals in Ukrainian media to exterminate several million “defective inhabitants of Donbass”, which remain absolutely unpunished.
  • Political murders of dissidents, including by the hands of nazi “activists”. The most known example is Oles Buzina, but in reality there are dozen of such cases. 
  • Attempts at planting terrorists on the territory of Crimea trained by the SBU for the purpose of destroying objects of civil infrastructure with high probability of mass victims among the local population. 

All listed (and many others) actions of the Kiev regime directly fall under the definition of “terrorism”. That’s why when the Kiev regime murmurs something about “terrorism” of its opponents, it is the typical tactics of criminals – to shout louder than others “detain the thief”.

The second case. Accusations about the violation of the convention on the elimination of racial discrimination. The most ridiculous thing is that it was precisely Russia that was the main developer and lobbyist of this convention, because unlike the USA and Western Europe, we’ve never had this racial discrimination.

And about what “racial discrimination” can we speak of here? If this implies the Crimean Tatars, in Russia they have more rights and opportunities to safeguard their cultural originality than they ever had being in Ukraine.

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An elementary example: the Crimean Tatar language in Russia is recognized as a State one (by the way, along with Ukrainian), which never existed (and still doesn’t) on the territory of Ukraine. In Russian Crimea, any public institution is obliged to circulate documents also in the Crimean Tatar language, while in Ukraine it wouldn’t even be taken into consideration. So who in reality is engaged in discrimination, and where?

Moreover, from several thousand recently questioned Crimean Tatars, nobody expressed the desire to go to Ukraine. That’s why all tales of the Kiev regime about “mass oppressions of Tatars in Crimea” are from the same opera as “the horse-Buryat tankist in Donbass“. It is a pure invention of anti-Russian propaganda.

These are two cases that were filed in a lawsuit in the UN International Court of Justice in the Hague. By the way, earlier this same court refused to consider a similar claim from Georgia about Russia’s racial discrimination, stating that it doesn’t enter in its competence.

But there are some more accusatory statements (no less idiotic and absurd) that Poroshenko’s regime is going to send to other courts.

The third case. Kiev is preparing a claim in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague with accusations against Russia of attempted genocide. This is the most unpromising attempt of the regime of Poroshenko from all his unpromising attempts.

Firstly, Russia didn’t ratify the Rome Statute, and doesn’t recognize ICC jurisdiction.

Secondly, how ridiculous is it that Ukraine also didn’t ratify this Statute and didn’t recognize ICC jurisdiction.

Thirdly, the absurdity of the accusations is obvious. The only one who can be accused of genocide of Ukrainians is the regime of Poroshenko. Because it does everything to exterminate as much as possible citizens of its country, which already led to the fact that Ukraine turned into the world leader in rates of depopulation.

The fourth case. The claim in the ECHR about “kidnapping of Ukrainian children”. This concerns children who were evacuated from shelling of the Ukrainian army to Russia for treatment. To blame Russia for not allowing Poroshenko’s regime to kill children is the peak of hypocrisy.

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The total falsity of all statements of the Kiev regime is illustrated perfectly by the last speech of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Elena Zerkal in which, in particular, it is said: “Unlike many other postcommunist countries, Ukraine never had tension on ethnic grounds”.

The Ukrainian nazis “only” (long before Euromaidan) chanted during their marches “Moskals on knives”. And for the last three years appeals for the genocide of the inhabitants of Donbass, and incitement of hatred towards Russians didn’t cease to be published almost in all Ukrainian media. Elena Zerkal impudently lies to the international community.

Well, I’d like to mention a separate quote from her: “The Russian Federation threatened to freeze the Ukrainian people, by stopping the supply of gas in a cold winter season”.

Firstly, the Russian Federation NEVER stopped the gas supply. This can be confirmed by all European consumers of Russian gas, which transits to them through Ukraine.

Secondly, in contrary to the above, when in the city of Genichesk there was a critical situation with heating and the city was under the threat of freezing, the leadership of Russia took the decision to rescue the population with an additional supply of gas without the usual advance payment.

By the way, all statements and speeches of representatives of the terrorist Kiev regime completely consist of such frank lies. I just don’t see the sense in disproving each of their false phrases, because there isn’t a singe word of Truth in them.

From my side, I would like to repeat once again my thesis that recognising the Kiev regime at the international level as terroristic, and to start realizing a fully-fledged package of measures in the fight against these terrorists is long overdue.

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