Aleksandr Vilkul: The Level of Deliberate “Incompetence” That the Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare Doesn’t Want to Be Known

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Aleksandr Vilkul

I met doctors. They showed me the data that the Ministry of Healthcare doesn’t want to be known. 
Suprun shouldn’t just be dismissed for this, but…

As of 26.06.2018 23,131 persons fell ill with measles – 9,327 adults and 13,804 children. In 2018, the incidence rate grew by 70 times (!) in comparison with the previous year. 12 people have already died from complications with measles: eight children and four adults.

Because of a shortage of medicine and the almost zero level of vaccination of children in maternity hospitals against tuberculosis (BSG vaccines weren’t purchased in time), in 2017 the incidence rate of tuberculosis among children grew by one and a half times, especially for children aged 1-4.

People continue to die from botulism because problems with the supply of medical serums haven’t been solved. The Ministry of Healthcare asks for the serum from the West as humanitarian aid, and according to forecasts it may arrive only in the autumn.

It is only thanks to humanitarian aid that Ukraine treats tetanus, diphtheria, rabies, and snake bites. 5 YEARS AGO AN EXISTENTIAL SHORTAGE OF THESE MEDICINES IN THE COUNTRY WAS CONSIDERED IN PRINCIPLE AS IMPOSSIBLE.

Nikolay Azarov:

“I suggest to you to watch this video in order to understand how in reality the healthcare reform of the citizen with the American passport, the ‘idiot’ Suprun works.

It is possible to characterise all reforms that are being undertaken by the Kiev regime in a single word – ‘pseudo-reforms’. Their essence is that you don’t see the result, but the TV persistently assures you that there “are reforms”.

The same thing also happened with the measles vaccines. On TV you are told that there are vaccines, but in reality they are absent.

The American Suprun persistently continues along the line of steadily reducing the Ukrainian population.”

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