Aleksandr Zhilin on Why Canadian Instructors Are in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Americans want to “diffuse responsibility” and to show that not only the US military mission is present in Ukraine. The military expert Aleksandr Zhilin commented on the extension for two years of the Canadian military support for Kiev.

The Canadian authorities decided to prolong its military mission in Ukraine. This concerns the work of the Canadian instructors who are engaged in training the Ukrainian military. Now it is decided that Canadians will conduct their classes for two more years – until March, 2019.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Chrystia Freeland and the Minister of National Defense of Canada Harjit Sajjan reported about such a decision. The corresponding information was posted on the social media Facebook page of the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada.

In particular, it mentions the preparation of military police, and also sappers.

“Together with our allies and the government of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Canada will continue to give support for the professional development and expansion of opportunities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine through a number of training events,” it is noted in the message on the social network.

Military expert Aleksandr Zhilin expressed his opinion on the extension of the military mission of Canada in Ukraine.

According to him, Ukraine is a springboard of war against Russia, a diverse war in the framework of which the preparation terrorist-diversionary groups is carried out, and other actions directed against the Russian Federation.

“That’s why nobody will leave Ukraine alone, and this springboard will be used against Russia, because this project that has lasted for many years was intended for this purpose, and it is for this purpose that Maidan was done,” said  Zhilin

As Alexander Zhilin emphasizes, Ukraine will be used for the destabilization of the situation in the world, including in the Russian Federation. The country is used as a lever of pressure on Russia, noted the military expert.

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The question arises – what are the specifics of the Canadian military presence in Ukraine, what distinguishes them against the background of the United States?

“The Canadian Army and Canada are completely under the control of the United States of America and NATO,” said Alexander Zhilin.

“That’s why to diffuse responsibility, to show that not only the United States are present in Ukraine, but also Canada, and other countries, that’s why it is done, and nothing more.”

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