Aleksandr Zhilin on Why the US Declassified Data on the Soviet Navy Precisely Now

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The CIA declassified materials about the Soviet Navy during the Cold War. The military expert Aleksandr Zhilin considers that it’s not a coincidence that this information became universal property precisely now. He shared his opinion with Radio Sputnik.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US declassified a number of materials in which data concerning the Soviet Navy during the Cold War are presented.

The declassified materials include 82 documents consisting of more than 2,000 pages and cover the period from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.

Among the published data – national intelligence reports and also articles from the Military Thought journal translated into English.

Most of the released documents are based on the data obtained by the CIA from the enlisted Soviet military: Colonel Oleg Penkovsky and Lieutenant-Colonel Petro Popov. Both of them served in the Main Intelligence Directorate. Also, some of the documents fell into the hands of US intelligence from “illegal sources”, the names of which are not given.

Reports describe the construction in the USSR of a nuclear submarine, the work of Moscow on nuclear weapons. In the brochure the importance of the CIA’s recruitment of Colonel Penkovsky is separately noted. In 1961-1962 he transferred to the American side 5,000 pages of classified documents, including “invaluable information on Khruschev’s intentions to use the army and the fleet for the achievement of foreign policy aims”.

In conclusion the authors of the brochure emphasize importance on the fact that the declassified information played a role in understanding the Soviet military doctrine and the evaluation of forces of the military naval forces of the USSR. The published documents in the middle of the Cold War were sent directly to US Presidents and also to the leadership of the State Department and Pentagon.

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The military expert, head of Centre for the Study of Applied Problems of National Security, and retired Colonel Aleksandr Zhilin on the air of Radio Sputnik expressed the opinion that it’s not a coincidence that the Americans made this information public precisely now.

“Everything that happens today around the Pentagon, the military budget of the US, scandals with corruption and so on – all of this speaks about a very serious crisis. For example, scandalous things with the F-35 jet are being revealed, how many were stolen there. This concerns also other projects – how many were written off for the occupation of Iraq, and so on. There is a need to distract attention from all this, that’s why such information planting is being done. They demonize Russia and say by this: give us yet more money for the military budget. When it concerns the extremely low training of personnel of the American army, they plant data that says that allegedly the Soviet army was also bad. While in reality I think that the Americans need to today catch up with the Russian army both in terms skill and military training. For example, when we deployed our airforce to Syria, none of the praised NATO radars saw anything, but they saw us there only when we already started to fly. And as for our military naval forces, our strikes on terrorists in Syria from underwater showed: if it is necessary, then we will introduce a missile into the fortochka of the White House,” said Aleksandr Zhilin.

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