Aleksey Mukhin: If the US Is Not Stopped, the Bacchanalia of Judicial Lawlessness Will Continue

Director-General of the Center for Political Information Aleksey Mukhin, in an interview with “”, spoke about how the US uses a universal model of exerting pressure on countries hostile to Washington.

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated already difficult relations between Washington and Beijing. President Donald Trump accused China of spreading the infection, and some US states have already filed claims against China.

Aleksey Mukhin, why are these accusations needed by Trump and how are they related to the internal problems of the United States?

“Trump continues to pressure China with several goals in mind. The first is to show his stability, to show that he is a defender of the United States of America, and it really is very related to the electoral campaign in which he is currently involved in.

Secondly – there is some hope that, forgive my French, screw China out of money, i.e., in this way, if he is lucky, to write off part of the state debt. The same model has been used against Russia for the past ten years: charges, a defendant in the dock, and a selection of ‘evidence’ for the prosecution.

China is in the same situation as Russia, for which it can be congratulated. This model is now used in relation to any country whose actions Washington considers to be contrary to its interests.”

Is it possible to draw an analogy with the events of the beginning of this century, when the United States accused Iraq of creating chemical weapons on the eve of the invasion?

“Of course. The model used by the US is in a bad sense universal. It’s the same situation with North Korea, Iran, Syria. Even Yugoslavia.”

Will Washington use the Chinese opposition to deploy the scenario that was implemented in Ukraine?

“There was the situation with Hong Kong, when events developed in the same way. But just coronavirus wrote everything off, and the US considered it suspicious.”

What response can China give to the White House’s attacks?

“China cannot answer the United States alone. It is necessary to do this at the UN site, and in the strongest way. Because if the US isn’t stopped, this bacchanalia of judicial lawlessness will continue against any country. Against the whole world, if necessary. But Obama and Trump have already articulated this when speaking to Congress.”

What, in your opinion, should be Russia’s position in the confrontation between the US and China?

“I would like to say that this is not our war, but unfortunately this is our war, because Russia was a victim of the United States under similar circumstances.

Russia may propose to China the establishment of some supranational judicial bodies similar to the International Court of Justice, which will accuse the United States and its satellites of violating international law. It’s high time to do that.”

Denis Rudometov

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