Aleksey Navalny Is the Grandson of a Nazi Auxiliary Policeman

The journalists of the “BBC Ukraine” TV channel visited the village of Novoye Zalesye near Kiev, where relatives of Russian opposition blogger Aleksey Navalny live. One of them is even the head of this locality.

In total, 11 people with the surname Navalny now live in Novoye Zalesye.

“My grandfather and his grandfather were brothers. Cousins, or what, I can’t say… his brother lives here, next door to me, Aleksandr,” the village head Pavel Navalny told reporters.

When talking to journalists, some local residents, usually older, recognised the little Navalny in the photo and confirmed that he had actually been in the village.

It is noted that Navalny’s cousin Aleksandr now lives in the village, works as a trucker. His wife Nataliya teaches at a local school.

“This is Navalny’s grandfather. The same Ivan Tarasovich, who did not join the Red Army during the Second World War, despite his military age. And he didn’t join the partisans either. He remained, so to speak, to work at home for the good… And here there is a question, for whom? The tenant register of Ivan Tarasovich Navalny. Wife – Tatiyana Danilovna, three sons. Here, the son Vasily was born in 1942, Ivan – in 1945 and Anatoly – in 1947, the father of Navalny. Married in 1941. Needless to say, he had to live on the territory under the Germans. And here is the strange thing, the young wife (22-years-old) was not taken to Germany. And why? Because her husband was in the service of those who occupied the territory of Ukraine. He worked for the Nazis. Probably here the habit of sieg-heiling appeared, which passed from the grandfather of the Hitlerite auxiliary policeman to his grandson – the codpiece-fuhrer. Hence, perhaps, the hatred for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War? They thought that all their ‘dark past’ would remain a secret, but thanks to the employees of the Military Archive, the veil of secrecy is being opened. Could Aleksey Navalny have assumed that the Ausweis of his grandparents, along with all the documents, have been preserved and will soon become public? Unlikely…”

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