Aleksey Zhuravko: The Cancer Tumor of Nazism of the 21st Century Devours Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Aleksey Zhuravko

Dear friends!


In my posts I always ask to not forget history. Remember the past. It is inadmissible to forget what our lives and future were built on. It was built on the blood and bodies of the heroes and victims who perished so that we can live today. Today my friend and I decided to make a small, compressed video. After all, I, until recently, like many of us, didn’t think that the troubles and tragedy of the brown plague of Nazism will again return from history to us and our home. Not long ago it couldn’t be believed that with our own eyes we will see in person the horrible similarity of modern hybrid fascism. Let’s remember Hitler’s swastika, Hitler, and the war and horror of the past – 1941. Back then, the boot of Hitler and his ugly child on June 22nd went to war with the Soviet Union.

And today, since 2014, the new fascism of the 21st century came. And everything repeats itself. The same torchlight processions, swastika, black eagle, and sieg heil. The same Bandera, Shukhevych, and other helpers of fascism rose from the ashes, who in Poland, Lvov, Volyn, and on other territories staged a massacre. As a result thousands of people have died. They sold their Motherland. They swore an oath to faithfully serve the devilish Hitlerism, destroying their own people, children, the elderly, performing bestial punitive operations. And remember what the insurgent army of OUN-UPA did. How many villages they massacared. How many teachers they killed – Poles, Jews, and other nationalities.

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Remember – blame and responsibility lies on all of us, adults. Today we became complacent, and don’t teach our children how we should, we convey to them what destroyed us. And today there is a necessary to correct this mistake, whatever it costs us. After all, everything depends on the conscience of each of us. Every child and teenager must see what these tyrants did. It is only in this way that we won’t allow to a new plague to rise from the ashes. Now we have to unite and fight in all Post-Soviet countries, destroying and eradicating manifestations of this horrible trouble. Whether there will be peace depends on each of us. From grandfathers and grandmothers, from mothers and fathers. As you know, a child absorbs everything with maternal milk. Transmit the history of our ancestors. Remember our heroes more often, our fathers who died in the Great Patriotic War, defending the future and peace of our children against these executioners, vandals, destroyers.

Once again I will repeat. For me heroes will always remain in my memory. Such as: G.K. Zhukov, K.K. Rokossovsky, R.Ya. Malinovsky, I.S. Konev, A.P. Maresyev – who continued to fly without both legs, destroying the enemy, I.N. Kozhedub, A.I. Pokryshkin, N.F. Vatutin, I.D. Chernyakhovsky, S.A. Kovpak, D.N. Medvedev, A.M. Matrosov, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, and others.

We have many of them. After all, all fraternal multinational people raised. Thank you, heroes! We remember you, we will never forget, and we will repeat your feat of 1945, we will destroy this brown plague of the 21st century that raised its head over the planet and crushes the ever fragile world.

Show everyone this video. Watch it. Let it be a good vaccination against the infection that has already struck many souls of young people in many countries.

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With respect, Aleksey Zhuravko

“The cancer tumor of Nazism of the 21st century devours Ukraine”

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