Aleksey Zhuravko Explained Why On The Eve of Elections Poroshenko Promised to Raise the Army’s Wages

In a desperate attempt to buy-off enough votes before the start of the presidential elections on March 31st, Petro Poroshenko’s latest genius idea is to promise to increase the monetary allowance of Ukrainian punishers who are in Donbass. He called it his “first priority as President and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”. His press service quotes him as saying:

I made the decision to task the Minister with increasing the level of cash support for those fighters who are at the front line

According to Poroshenko, from April 1st 2019 (it might as well be an April Fool’s prank, even if he implements it) cash support for his militants at the front line will be increased by 2,000 hryvnia, therefore the minimum wage of the punishers who are in Donbass will be equal to 12,000 hryvnia.

And the wage of militants who are at the second line of defence will raise by 1,000 hryvnia – the minimum level will reach 5,500 hryvnia.

Poroshenko also said that Ukrainian military sailors who leave for imaginary combat operations against the “Russia aggressor” in the Sea of Azov will be paid just as much money as militants on the front line.

In comment to Russia’s “Federal News Agency”, the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Aleksey Zhuravko, who worked in the V and VI convocations, also thinks that the increase in cash support for Ukrainian military personnel who bombard the civilians of Donbass announced by Poroshenko is connected to the pre-election race.

But this does not mean that Poroshenko places a stake on receiving votes from among military personnel. It means that he decided to pay them more for the fact that in the near future they will act as cannon fodder

The Ukrainian politician considers that the president is preparing for a serious military provocation in Donbass or the Sea of Azov:

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“Poroshenko understands that his chances of being re-elected by fair methods are very low. In general, it is impossible to buy the necessary number of votes. And Bloody Petro needs to remain at the helm. So this rabid dog that was driven into a corner can only opt for the option involving force – to lurch forward and bite.

If Poroshenko’s provocation brings the effect that he hopes for, i.e., some small war game, or perhaps a big armed conflict will be started, then it will allow him to impose martial law, postpone elections, and remain in power. Poroshenko places a stake on war, and it is necessary to fork out for it,” noted Aleksey Zhuravko.

However, it is isn’t expected that Washington would support Poroshenko in such a scenario, since the option of “clean” elections is still the preferred one for America, especially taking into account just how shambolic the US-led political processes have been in the last 5 years in Ukraine.

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