Aleksey Zhuravko: The Fourth Year of the Destitution and Genocide of Ukraine on the US’ Money

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Aleksey Zhuravko

It is horrifying when a minority – literally a bunch of bastards – kills the majority. They were creeping towards power in Ukraine longly and imperceptibly, since the declaration of Ukraine’s independence, hiding themselves either behind local activists or Ukrainian nationalists. If it wasn’t for the long-term program of George Soros – which reared the devoted fifth column soldiers sat on the “needle of the dollar” – then there wouldn’t be anyone to distribute Nuland’s cookies to at the final stage of seizing power via Maidan 2014.

And the fund of G. Soros worked at full capacity because the structures ensuring the national security of Ukraine were inactive. And they were inactive because President V. Yushchenko was able to completely subordinate them to external control, and President Viktor Yanukovych wasn’t able to return control over them at least in the same format. And after all, V. Yanukovych lost not on 22nd February, 2014 – when he was forced to flee the threats of physical violence against him made by the gang of bandits A. Yatsenyuk, O. Tyagnybok V. Klitschko, and A. Turchynov – but when he, winning the autumn elections of 2004, back-pedalled, having agreed under the pressure of foreign observers and the illegal decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine to hold in December a third round of elections. Even then, the Yanks smiled at how easily and cheaply they succeeded with the “Orange revolution” in Ukraine, and they put V. Yushchenko in the Ukrainian President’s chair, having attached to him a curator – the Colonel of the CIA Kateryna Chumachenko, who performed the role of the wife of the President.

It is at this time that the Americans’ “victory was being forged” in the form of 2014.

Most of the population of Ukraine today is silent and can’t do anything. They are unarmed and poor. No one supports anyone from the outside nor the inside who could at least somehow show resistance to the bloody junta. People are intimidated and deceived by the Maidan authorities, which came to power on blood. It is a pity that people nevertheless chose for themselves the most horrible saying: “This is no concern of mine”.

Today’s Herods of the Kiev regime, submerged in blood up to their ears, continue to destroy Ukraine. Each region suffers from these locusts, after which no place remains alive. Donbass is on fire. Thousands of innocent people suffer from these overseas authorities, which was imposed on us for $6 billion. More than 10,000 were killed. Many mothers still do not know where their sons who were mobilised by the Kiev government are. And they are either shallowly buried somewhere in forest plantations, sold for organs, sank in rivers and lakes, or burned in the ravines. From this it is evident that the level of civilisation in the space of Ancient Russia fell below the level of the historical memory about the past. Ukraine and Ukrainians has/have never been so backward, like in the beginning of the third Millennium.

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But it is a paradox, after all, it is brotherly people who are dying, both on one and on the other side. I want to remind that it is the “bloody pastor” Mr Turchynov who was the first to send Ukrainian people in the mouth of fratricidal war – the so-called anti-terrorist operation, and it is President Poroshenko who confirmed and approved the waging of war that wasn’t recognised by many, including me. Thousands of coffins already for four years leave the area of the ATO zone and come back to Ukraine, and the Ukrainian people continues to receive these coffins and to jump on Maidans, glorifying Banderist Ukraine.

At the same time, in every region of Ukraine information appears more and more often about pensioners fainting from hunger, the poor, and other disadvantaged populations. Cities are dying out, people leave because of a lack of jobs and low wages. But the great pot-headed morons – in the government, the presidential administration, and Potroshenko himself – travel around the world cap in hand, and they like it. They receive pleasure from this.

I want to return to the topic of my beloved city of Kherson and the Kherson region. Poverty, like a cancer tumour, destroys my favourite region. This year crime increased by two and half times compared to last year. This is corruption, looting, robbery, raids, seizures. The lawlessness of UAF members with guns and the territorial battalions wreaking havoc. Anyone who will shown an interest will see the fact of huge losses in the Kherson region in terms of production potential. Investors are pulling out. Industry and manufacturing stopped, everything switches to the manual regime of stupid people who run the region. This year agricultural producers, for the first time, suffered from the rupture of economic ties with Crimea, Donbass, and Russia, which worsened the position of the region as an agricultural one. Bandits seized from farmers fields with cultivated crops, which they harvest and take away for their own purposes. People are absolutely unprotected. Not that the economy, but also human life begins to lose meaning in all the post-maidan space.

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The so-called reform of self-governance put everything upside-down. Local deputies and heads of settlements already do not understand what the junta wants from them. In the majority of local budgets of villages and settlements there is no more money in general. And this is an obvious HOLODOMOR, condemning people to extinction, because without the means they can’t leave for somewhere. In one word – imbalance is ongoing in all spheres of village, district, and regional administrations, resulting in complete chaos. And this is “over-fulfilment of the plan” set by the US, which set the objective of achieving controlled chaos in the country. But thieves from Kiev realised that there is a need to leave at least a little bit of money for controlled chaos, and that’s why went opted for full chaos, having taken the last coins from the budget.

The healthcare reform, which is being introduced by the American national Ulana Suprun, nicknamed the “grim reaper”, leaves no place for life. Already before the reform began there was already a problem with medicines, spare parts for ambulances, repair of hospitals, and salaries for doctors and nurses too. Today we should forget about free treatment for pensioners. In general, there is a lack of money for everything in medicine, and the genocidal law entered into force on the 1st of January. However, even some people’s deputies say that U. Suprun was illegally appointed as the acting Minister of Healthcare, because she didn’t hold the Deputy Minister’s position, and the actual Minster would have appointed her as Deputy. But the Prime Minister V. Groysman praises the American, which he does to please his overseas masters.

In Kherson, like in other cities, there is an especially serious problem in the public sector. As soon as the air temperature drops, pipes burst in the city, and nobody cares about it. There is trash at almost every corner. Trash cans are overflowing, or simply non-existent. The network of the city’s water mains needed to be replaced 20 years ago, but it wasn’t done. Today, the bursting of water networks is the cause of multiple daily digging up of conduits and patching, which only accelerates the process of its further degradation and destruction. In the summer of 2018 there can be an epidemically dangerous situation. After all, history gives us the facts of how in Kherson in the period of the 18th century, due to the lack of a normal supply of water, the plague and cholera became widespread.

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Cinematic western movies about mafioso running around with grenade launchers and morons blowing up grenades on city roads and much more are not the archives of film but the drab life of Kherson and the Kherson residents. The police and prosecutors don’t find or prosecute anyone. But they, as always, find alleged “separatists” and “spies” and report to the Kiev regime.

The fourth year of the European genocide of Ukrainians came to an end, the “good life” promised by Maidan leaders fades away, the promises of €500 salaries and pensions weren’t fulfilled. Sober politicians and community leaders who know the wise proverb “the fish rots from the head, and it must be cleaned up from the tail” are correct: in any case, there will be a need to solve the situation in Ukraine, and if not politically, then inevitably by military means. Who will do it and how is the question. But there are options. The first one – that it will be done using internal resources by the forces of the citizens of Ukraine. The second one – that there will be assistance from abroad, but not by the formula of Ostap Bender, “the West will help us!”. The West and the US already did everything they could. The turn of other superpowers, located to the East of Ukraine, will come…

People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the 5th and 7th convocation,
Aleksey Zhuravko

P.S. All the pain and tragedy of Ukraine is because the people stopped thinking. And the worst thing is that we started to forget history. But as the wise say: if there is no history and past, then even more so there won’t be a future.

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