Aleksey Zhuravko: The Flayers Of The Verkhovna Rada Legalised The Sale of Ukrainians For Organs

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Aleksey Zhuravko

Dear friends!

No one will ever forget the date of May 17th, 2018, in the history of Ukraine. This is a black day on the calendar for Ukraine. In addition to the Day of embroidery, cynically established by the fascist anti-Ukrainians, it also became the Day of the sale of Ukrainians literally by weight and in retail, such as offal, including liver group. On this day, the Verkhovna Rada voted for the law “on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on the protection of health and the transplantation of organs and other anatomical materials of the person”. The authors of this law are also symbolic: the fascist businesswoman Olga Bogomolets – who was immediately appointed to the post of Minister of Healthcare after the victory of the Maidan; Oksana Korchinskaya – a fascist from the fascist “Radical party” faction of the fascist Oleg Lyashko, the wife of the known fascist-misanthrope Dmitry Korchinsky; and Oksana Prodan – who sold everything sacred to the devil.

According to this flayer Law, a dying person will be kept alive while all the needed organs scraped out of them. With the help of this law, Ukrainians are being prepared to for the sale of their organs for debts on communal services: in the West, a human skeleton is worth €250,000, and a kidney – €40,000… With this law the transplantation of Ukrainian organs to different private offices (Ukrainian and foreign) is also allowed!

This law is unconstitutional. It will lead to the creation of an entire mafia network of illegal organ transplantation. Healthy people will be caught in different ways, or, using the establishment of anti-people medicine, hospitals, and clinics, to organise the dismantling of people for their organs.

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When the Americans organised the capture of Kosovo in the Balkans, the structures controlled by them started to exterminate the Serbs for organs in such a scale that it caused a loud scandal throughout Europe. The Internet is full of this information. Back then it seemed for people in Ukraine that it is some nightmare that can happen anywhere, but not in Ukraine. But, unfortunately, it is already in Ukraine! Back then, “European values” also won in the devastated Yugoslavia. People disappeared, and this was already considered in a European way – “civilised”. The organs were sent by trucks…

According to this law it will be easy to forge documents that are still, allegedly, from a living person, but who under unclear circumstances “agreed” that their body will be disemboweled. And sudden death will hide all traces. It will be covered under the guise of different operations.

The junta of Ukraine chose the most suitable conjuncture of the moment, because there is a civil war in the country, and also with a hot phase in the East – in Donbass. And what can be taken from the dead? People will be shot and a “statement” will be ready. And this is how the conveyor belt of death will start to work, cutting out organs, sending them away for kopecks. And it is already in Europe that millions will be earned. This is the bitter truth. Here it is – your Europe, Ukro-Banderists and “Euro-patriots”, here are your “Western values” of Maidan.

Ukraine, according to the instructions of its Euro-American masters, has already established sustainable slavery, filling European markets with slaves who do the cheap work that even refugees from Africa and Asia don’t do. The Ukrainian government earns whole fortunes on this. Now the “bloody visa free” was also added to this, where organs are being sold on the cheap, people are literally exported in parts.

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I, as a people’s deputy of previous convocations, am sure that this law is anti-human. Moreover, it will work for the extermination of the people, strengthening the genocide. All those who drafted and voted for this law are criminals, and they will be punished by a fair trial – hanging, for crimes against humanity. After all, it is children from a small age and up to 18 years who will suffer the most from it, especially from poor families. Young people’s organs are more valuable.

Apparently already the completeness of the evil and cruelty, made by the bloody fascist junta of Ukraine, overflowed the bowl of suffering of its people. It seems to me that something should start happening soon that would end the nightmare that my countrymen live and die in.

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