Aleksey Zhuravko: Ukrainian Cemeteries Were Ordered To Prepare Mass Graves for ATO Participants

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Aleksey Zhuravko

Dear friends!

Yesterday I communicated with a Deputy from Zaporizhia. I won’t specify from what region exactly for safety reasons.

He told me that he visited the cemetery and communicated with the administrator of the cemetery. According to the words of the Deputy, he asked the administrator: who gave them the order to bury the so-called heroes of the ATO in one line, and why were so many holes dug.

The administrator said that all the money was paid and we are ready to meet them [the deceased – ed]. Besides this, the budget even pays for commemorative plaques, so far there are no delays. I didn’t believe the Deputy, and asked a question.

He answered: “I swear to you, I’ve never seen so many holes, furthermore they are dug separately from the main cemetery. All of them are fresh, you can verify in other regions and ask… After all, you have connections everywhere.”

I decided to verify this at my place [Kherson – ed]. I called the Belozersk district of Kherson and there they confirmed that they have the same situation. I have such a feeling as though there is preparation to meet a large number of corpses from the combat zone.

He told me: “You know that I can tell you. These bastards at the top became completely crazy. They have no money for kindergartens, for subsidies, and other social needs.
But there is money to bury this dumb cannon fodder. Yes, you were told the truth, they put all of them in a line and dig out side-by-side holes.”

Moreover, about 50-100 meters from the main cemetery holes are dug out in length. Also I called another Deputy from Kherson: “I can tell you that money from the budget is being reliably allocated, they even give it in-advance. There are no delays, all cemetery managers were given the order to make certain alleys for ‘heroes’ and to dig out side-by-side holes. I am shocked”.

I have the impression that there won’t be any Minsk. War will be continued however the situation with Maidan changes; that Poroshenko will continue to shed blood and to treat Ukrainians as cannon fodder and to provide them with free coffins.

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Or Saakashvili will come [to power – ed] and war will be continued using Ukrainian zombified people. Remember when he was the President of Georgia – it was Ossetia.

P.S. Ukrainians, run from today’s horrible Ukraine that was created by Europe and America. Mothers, fathers, save your children from free State coffins!

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