Why Did Alexander Hug Visit Lugansk Incognito?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Konstantin Knyrik (head of News Front)

Inside information:

Our reliable source reports that yesterday the head of the OSCE mission Alexander Hug arrived in Lugansk incognito, and prior to this he spent the night in Stakhanov, and before this he was travelling to Severodonetsk and met his colleague on the following questions:

  • The internal investigation into the explosion of the OSCE vehicle confirms the fact that the explosion was organized by UAF members, but how to present this to the public? Hug will acquaint himself with the results of the internal investigation.

  • In this regard, among the members of the OSCE Mission there is a divide about to what extent it is safe for them to remain there, and in general it is worth keeping the OSCE Mission in Lugansk.

  • Also the question is being actively asked about the UAF illegally actively using the symbols of the OSCE. On the frontline white cars with flags travel around and carry out reconnaissance tasks, but these are not representatives of the mission, but specially prepared UAF members’ cars.

And how, against the background of this, to present the aim of the visit to the media – they don’t know, that’s why the visit is incognito for now!

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