Alexander Rodgers: A Letter to Europeans

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


When you sit in the gas chambers and the crematoriums, do not pretend that we didn’t warn you about the fact that the US prepared for you two new Reichs at once – radical Islamist ISIS and the Nazi regime in Kiev…

Dear Europeans and the Israelis!

When you will sit in the gas chambers and crematoriums, it’s possible that it will reach you that “something we (Europe) didn’t do correctly”.

Once you have already neglected the danger of Nazism. Once you have already flirted with the infernal evil.

They said “Oh big deal, Hitler, he and his party are marginalized and will never come to power.”

And a little later, when after all the NSDAP came to power, “Oh big deal, Nazis, they just want to fight with Communists and not with us.”

And even when they swallowed Austria and Czechoslovakia, the majority of them said “But he’s moving in the right direction, to the East, against the USSR.”

And only when the Nazis captured Poland and France, they wondered, “Oh, how did it happen by itself!”.

No, not by itself. People don’t like to speak about it, but the Nazi party was nurtured by generous donations as well as the German Industrialists, and (even more) by American bankers. Some of which, the truth cannot be struck out from history, were Jews.

European and American establishment saw in Hitler a chain dog that will defend them from Communists. But it is impossible to control rabid dogs, they often break free of the leash.

You all know the result – the “final solution of the Jewish question”, concentration camps of death, tens of millions of victims and destroyed Europe, most of which had to be restored almost from ruins again.

Today, the United States has nurtured two new Reichs – radical-Islamist ISIS and the Nazi regime in Kiev. Umberto Eco wrote that Ur-fascism is in constant mimicry, adapts and disguises itself, taking new forms, but at the same time is not able to hide its anti-human nature.

Islamist Reich conducts mass public executions, trying to intimidate the whole world with its over-the-limit cruelty. Despite this, the US is trying to divide them into “radical” and “moderate” head-choppers. Although there are only two anti-Assad centres of force – it is “black” and “green” ISIS fighters, the same as the banned terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra (no matter how much they rename themselves). All smaller groups are directly subordinate to these two, without exception.

The Ukrainian Reich stages the mass burning of people, brags about it, and also for the third year indiscriminately shells with heavy artillery the residential areas of cities of Donbass. These are purely terrorist tactics that have no military sense. The main striking force of the Kiev Reich are voluntary Nazi battalions, consisting of both ideological Nazis and common criminals.

And recently the Kiev Reich moved on to the next phase of its Nazi evolution – from the Nazi battalion “Azov” and its “civilian corps” the  political party “National corps” was registered, which aims to systematically advance the Nazis in the body of power.

The program of this party, which is not surprising, contains a number of statutes that are similar to the “25 statutes” of the NSDAP. Affirmed in it, in particular, is the superiority of the white race, the nationalization of strategical enterprises to the benefit of the nation, the imposition of the death penalty, and, the cherry on the cake, about necessity of creation in Ukraine of its nuclear weapons.

After creating their party, the Nazis marched in Kiev, with a torchlight procession, shouting slogans like “death to the Jews!” and “Ukraine above all!” (a direct borrowing from the German “Deutschland uber alles”).

But I think that European elites will once again pretend that nothing horrible is going on. As they already for the third year diligently do not notice the conducted-by-the-Kiev-regime genocide of the Russian population of the South-East of Ukraine.

Attempts by European elites to ignore the growth of ISIS have already led to a number of violent terrorist attacks, and I’m sure that it is far from the end of the pseudo-religious history of Middle Eastern terrorism.

Similarly, the assiduous ignoring of the growth of Nazism in Ukraine also will severely hurt the European Union. So, when you’re sitting in the gas chambers and crematoriums, don’t pretend that you weren’t warned.

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