Alexander Rodgers: Poroshenko and the Day of Defeat

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The usurper Poroshenko, speaking on May 8th on the day of “mourning and commemoration”, fantasized:

“When our grandfathers and great-grandfathers in 1945 marched to Berlin, they couldn’t imagine even in their most horrible dreams that in 70 years Moscow will send its army to Ukraine… And will cold-bloodedly kill their grandsons and great-grandsons.

Today the descendants and the soldiers of the Red Army and Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) defend Ukraine. They respect their grandfathers and great-grandfathers. The feat of our winners who defend the Ukrainian land from the Russian aggressor, will live forever.

Glory to veterans of the Red Army and the partisan movement! Glory to soldiers of UPA and all participants of national liberation competitions! Glory to everyone who defended Ukraine from the aggression of the Third Reich! Glory to the UAF, to volunteers, and to everyone who defends Ukraine from the aggression of the Russian Federation”.

Here is what schizophrenia and a lack of a conscience do to people. But once he was a soldier of the Soviet Army and a Komsomol member. However, he is also the son of a thief and the grandson of an auxiliary policeman, and this is more important. His grandfathers in 1945 didn’t make an offensive on Berlin, and this explains a lot of things.

I especially “liked” the bit about “our winners” who croaked like a rat in seven cauldrons and in three years didn’t succeed to do anything with yesterday’s miners and metallurgists. It would be more precise to say “our losers from cauldrons”.

While our grandfathers in 1945 indeed, even in the most horrible dream couldn’t imagine that one day “independent” Ukraine will exist, where the thievish and false oligarchs will govern.

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How could one imagine that in the center of Kiev crowds of degenerates will jump chanting “Pivot away from Moscow”? While our ancestors were saying “Not one step back – Moscow is behind us”!

And the self-appointed head of Ukraine, who seized power by means of an armed coup, will carry with pride the title of “Judeobanderist” and “cynical Bandera”?

Could my grandfather and his two brothers, who during two years after the Victory continued to run through woods and mountains, scraping out the from the putrid caches unfinished banderists, who were engaged in banditry and the robbing of civilians, imagine that one day they will be “reconciled” with these unfinished nazis?

Who in general could think at that time that one day that someone will seriously claim that nazi collaborators from OUN-UPA who fought alongside the battalions of the Wehrmacht “Roland” and “Nachtigall” as a part of the Waffen-SS “Galicia” division and the 201st Schutzmannschaft punisher battalion, who staged Jewish pogroms, and are responsible for Babi Yar and the burning of Belarusian villages and its inhabitants, “were fighting against the Third Reich”?

Yes, grandfathers would burst out laughing in the face of such story-tellers, and perhaps they would also smash their face in. Because no archive (including German ones) recorded any military clashes between Banderists and the Wehrmacht.

The Banderists were faithful servants, lackeys, denouncers, auxiliary policemen, punishers, and guards of concentration camps of nazi Germany – and nothing else. It is exactly banderist thugs with auxiliary police armbands on their sleeves who herded my grandmother into a German concentration camp. And she was liberated not by OUN-UPA, but by the worker-peasant Red Army.

Our ancestors couldn’t imagine in any horrible dream that nazi torchlight processions would take place in Kiev, chanting “Death to enemies!”, “Glory to nation!”, “Ukraine above all!”, and “Moskals on knives!”

And moreover, grandfathers couldn’t imagine at all that punishers from among Ukrainians will bomb residential areas of the cities of Donbass, behaving in a similar way to Nazis (only more cowardly, due to their despicable Banderist nature).

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And that’s not even to mention the speeches on the same celebration by the descendants of Banderists who nowadays serve in punisher units of the UAF and state: “we are at war already for some centuries with Moscow, which calls itself our brother”. His grandfather DIDN’T fight against Hitler, his grandfather was a deserter who fought on Hitler’s side. You are not a brother to us, banderist nit, and you never were a brother!

And when the former soldier of the Soviet Army and the former Komsomol member Petro Poroshenko rambles on about treachery, he should have a look in the mirror. Because it is he who betrayed our unity, it is he who sold Ukraine for external governance, it’s he who glorifies nazi collaborators, it’s he who hates St. George’s ribbons and red banners, it’s he who cancelled the celebration of Victory Day on May 9th, and it’s he who elevated russophobia and bows down to the west to the level of the State ideology. The award of Mazepa around his neck and thirty pieces of silver in his throat in order for him to stop lying.

I will sum up: May 9th is the day of our Victory, May 8th is the day of their defeat! Ura, comrades!

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