Alexander Rodgers: Retribution Is Inevitable

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


And in this regard I have only one simple question for modern Ukrainian nazis: you think that it will be different for you?

Besides the widely advertised Nuremberg process there was a huge number of other trials of nazis and their accomplices. Nuremberg judged Nazism as an ideology and the leaders of nazis as its main carriers.

But when some say “there are some who weren’t condemned at the Nuremberg tribunal, that’s why they aren’t collaborators”, it is exclusively an indicator of their own personal ignorance. Because the small-time nazis and their henchmen were judged by thousands of tribunals, making both group, and individual decisions.

Thus, according to the results of the process of the guards of the concentration camp “Buchenwald”, 22 guards were sentenced to hanging, and the commandant of “Buchenwald” Hermann Pister, awaiting execution, died as a rat from a heart attack in his prison cell.

And even those nazis who managed to run to other countries, they could never find inner peace. They were compelled to hide themselves under another name, in every second fearing that somebody will recognize them.

Because there was no such place on Earth where the fleeing nazi criminal could feel safe. Even in those countries from which there was no extradition, nazis were exterminated outside the legal framework. Who did it – the staff of the KGB of the USSR, Jewish avengers, local anti-fascists  -this was no longer of fundamental importance. The main thing is that retribution was achieved.

Moreover, because such crimes have no statue of limitations, they continued to be caught or punished ten, twenty, and in some cases forty years later.

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As I recently wrote to one Ukrainian nazi, who wrote in his status on social networks “the bullets that I will be killed with are not yet moulded” – he shouldn’t worry about bullets, because he will be hung.

Another similar example is the bloody junta of the dictator Pinochet. How many years passed, and every year several dozens of accomplices of Pinochet who fulfilled criminal orders and punisher functions appear on the dock and receive fair retribution for the committed crimes. The majority of them receive a life sentence without the right to amnesty because bloody rats must die in cages.

Similar things now start to happen to Croatian war criminals, who were behaving with brutality in the Serbian Krajina. They are being caught one by one and given for tribunal. This, by the way, for many of them already the second wave of arrests. During the first time, just after the events, the Americans assisted some of them, like their helpers, and now it’s finished – washed-up wasters are not needed by anyone, especially by Anglo-Saxons.

And in this regard I have only one simple question for modern Ukrainian nazis: you think that it will be different for you?

The fact of an illegal coup d’etat is already recognized by the Moscow court. All euromaidan protesters at least will go under the article “organization of a coup d’etat”, plus their accompanying crimes will be hemmed to it – attempts of murder of police officers, beatings of passersby, robberies, tortures, and many other things. Photo and video proof is collected in huge number, as well as testimonies of eyewitnesses.

The same concerns the participants of the illegal “ATO”, because it has no legal grounds. The UAF has no right to operate on the territory of the country without a declaration of war or martial law, which is still nonexistent, and even if Poroshenko will introduce it, the law has no retroactive force – and for all three years all UAF fighters are war criminals. ALL!

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Not to mention the different “territorial battalions” and “national battalions” – the Criminal Code of Ukraine unambiguously qualifies them as illegal armed formations. And “Bandistism” is a serious article in itself. In addition to this – charges of murders, rapes, marauding, and so on. Won’t seem a little.

I happened to visit the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the profiling department. I saw these rooms filled with files and cases both for those who staged the coup and for the punishers. There are tens of thousands of cases, and all are waiting for the green light.

And if Putin, during the meeting with Merkel, calls the sabbath in Kiev in the winter of 2014 a coup d’etat (if the court recognized it as so, then it is necessary to call it like this, and Putin in general is very law-abiding), so this implies the subsequent prosecution of violators of legality. And, judging by the rhetoric of a number of officials, the green light will soon come.

By the way, all these online patriots who wrote “Moskals on knives” and “burn vatniks”, for you also there is at least one article – in Russia it is Article 282 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation – “Incitement of Hatred”, in Ukraine there is an almost similar one – Article 176 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. So you also – voices of hatred – won’t leave with impunity.

Otto von Bismarck understood that “Russians always call in their debts”.

All these little fools, like both primitive uncultured Galicians and Dnepropetrovsk and other betrayers of their Russian roots can’t understand one simple and obvious thing. RETRIBUTION IS INEVITABLE.

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