“All of Minsk Came Out to the Streets”: The Organisers of the Protests Exposed in One Image

The organisers of the riots in Belarus, who proudly declared that the whole of Minsk “took to the streets”, were exposed with a single picture.

Independent journalist Dmitry Borisenko showed the true scale of the protests in Minsk using footage filmed by the BBC. According to him, these images clearly show that all reports of multi-million-dollar mass actions, to put it mildly, are exaggerated.

“I never thought that I would say thank you to the BBC, for the footage showing the futility of the protest in Minsk. I have said many times that all the images from the protests in Belarus are just well-chosen angles and reports. These are PR technologies,”

Vadim Radchenko, an aeronaut from Belgorod, agrees with Borisenko’s opinion. He also shared aerial images of Minsk’s streets on his Twitter page, explaining that there can be no question of millions or even hundreds of thousands of protesters.

Today in Minsk on Pushkinskaya street. And these people are yelling that “all of Minsk came out”? Citizens, I have been filming mass actions using a drone for 10 years now. For the two-million-strong city of Minsk, this is nothing at all. There aren’t even 5,000 of them.

Commentators agreed with him: “An aggressive minority often dictates terms to those who simply want to live and work in their country with dignity.”

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