Amber Republic Ultimatum to Kiev: Federalization or Independence

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The announced creation of a Amber Republic will push Kiev into either federalization, or introducing martial law…

As we learnt literally a couple of hours ago, Vladimir Prodivus, the leader of ambers diggers, will on Monday, April 3rd, hold a press conference in which he will announce the creation of a Amber (some speak about “Burshtyn”) Republic, and will demand the holding of an All-Ukrainian referendum on federalization.

Amber miners in Volyn, tired of the Kiev authorities and police constantly unsuccessfully trying to interfere with their trade, decided to institutionalize the autonomy that developed de facto. It should be noted, as from the Ukraine-centric point of view in the cultural and historical plan, Volyn feels itself apart from Ukraine, because there, for example, local nationalists consider themselves not as Banderists, but as Melnikists. From the point of view of Melnikists, Bandera is a villain and a schismatic, who was in absentia sentenced by the “correct” OUN to death already in 1940.

In order to prevent possible resistance from Poroshenko, certain preventive measures were taken. In Vinnytsia and Kremenchug, in the area of the location of Roshen factories, several buses with militants were noticed, who in the event of aggressive actions from the Kiev regime will carry out a raid-seizure of these enterprises.


Also some strategic roads passing through the Volyn and Rovno regions were blocked.


The process of disintegration of Ukraine into parts continues.

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