America at a Time of “Ukrainian Globalism”

If we try to give a strict scientific definition of Ukraine as a state, not from the point of view of its domestic political organisation (everything concerning this is clear, it is a nazi-oligarchic republic), but from the point of view of its foreign policy strategy, it will be strange wording: “Separatist power with global ambitions”.

The apparent paradox is that a “separatist power” should seek to separate itself from some whole. At the same time, “global ambitions” imply not just integration into something more than one’s own state, but even a prominent role in creating this common – global, universal, human.

The main signs of Ukrainian separatism that prevent the Kiev authorities even from building relations with the East European members of NATO and the EU can be listed by everyone on the spot. It is also an accentuated forced monolingualism, which infringes on the rights of numerous national minorities, who in fact (if we consider them as simply humans, and not as Ukrainians) make up the absolute majority of the country’s inhabitants. “Ukrainians” started to appear only 150 years ago and still join the ranks mostly at the expense of the ethnic Russians, Belarusians, Hungarians, Poles, Romanians, Armenians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, and any Africans who decided to refuse the nation, culture, and language of their ancestors in favour of the Ukrainian political choice.

This is also its own Ukrainian history, which has nothing to do with world history. It describes an alternative reality in which “Ukrainians” appeared if not earlier than vertebrates, then at least earlier than Neanderthals. In this reality, Ukrainians own all the great inventions and discoveries of mankind, Ukrainians created all the great empires, and all languages (from the long dead to the not yet created) came from Ukrainian.

This is also a separate Ukrainian political reality from the world, in which Kiev “protects Europe from Russian aggression” by means of terrorist attacks against the civilian population of Donbass. In this reality, the whole world cannot sleep and eat until it comes up with a way to meet all the needs of Ukraine and Ukrainians (even those that have not yet emerged). In this reality the people decorating themselves with Victory symbols — “communist propagandists prohibited by the law”, and and people who wear Nazi symbols of defeat, including those banned by Nuremberg, are “peaceful re-enactors” or “innocent jokers”. In this reality a “patriot” has the right to kill a “vatnik” with impunity just because they are a “patriot”. At the same time, the “patriot” themselves defines who is a “vatnik”. If another “patriot” happens to be one, then the one who survives is considered to be a “patriot”.

I won’t even mention Ukrainian literature, art, economy, finance, or anything else. There, everything that is not alien is absent, like a perceived reality, and its existence must simply be believed, because empirically it is unknowable and unprovable.

As we can see, Ukrainian cultural and political practice gives us many examples of this very “separatist globalism”. On the one hand, at the slightest pretext classical Ukrainism denies any alternative the right for existence, and on the other hand, “Ukrainian” Ukrainism, can only be created by appropriating and vulgarising someone else’s. For example, Ukrainians could not “create” Sumarian city-states if they had not already been created by the Sumarians, and they couldn’t declared themselves the builders of Egyptian pyramids if they [pyramids – ed] had not already been built by the Egyptians.

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A separatist Ukraine as a whole could exist only within the framework of a globalised world. In any other format, its territory, like any limitrophic space (including Eastern Europe, for example), was either included in a major civilisational project or torn between neighbouring projects.

The purpose of modern Ukrainism is hardly different from that of the slaves of ancient Rome. To declare the “European choice” is to become freedmen of the first generation. To join the EU and NATO means to be freeborn, but incomplete in rights, because the child was from a free man. To move, thanks to freedom of movement, to any of the “old” EU countries, and even better if it’s the USA, and get local citizenship there means to belong to a freeborn generation from the freeborn family (to become a full citizen of Rome).

Therefore Ukrainians with admiration and envy treat compatriots who have already been able to take root in the West. For the same reason, they hate Russians who do not salivate profusely at the sight of any foreign passport (whether it be Polish or Hungarian, American or Canadian). This hatred is not towards the person (a Ukrainian can treat you perfectly well as an individual). It is a hatred of a different civilisation – of “barbarians,” who are not associated with the “achievements of civilisation” and claim to live better, richer, and fairer.

But the globalised world entered a crisis and started to collapse before Ukraine could pass at least the first stage of becoming a “citizen of Rome”. The slave who had only just started to become emancipated sees with pain and horror that by the end of the process society will become quite different, and “Roman citizenship” will no longer be valued. The slave falls on his knees in front of the master (after all, the master is almighty) and begs to stop or slow down the breakup of Pax Romana. In our case, Ukrainians are beginning with increasing pain and irritation to teach the lives of Americans and Europeans, trying to convince them to keep the beautiful Pax Americana from falling.

This makes it inevitable for Ukrainians to interfere in US elections. They’re afraid of the master, of course. But they console themselves with the fact that they are acting in its [USA’s – ed] interests to prevent the “new barbarians” (the new right) from smashing the “civilised world” from within. That is precisely why however certain Ukrainian politicians and authorities would like to be friends with the current US president and his administration, however they try to establish relations with Rudy Giuliani and other personal representatives of Trump, Kiev’s policy was, is and will still be Democrat-oriented. Therefore, Trump does not even try to disperse the Democrat lobby in the US Embassy in Kiev and in the Ukrainian direction in the State Department. The situation has gone so far that the collapse of this American project is inevitable. So let those who invented and organised this project – the Democrats – be responsible for its defeat.

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The American political elite has many different flaws, but it does not suffer from idiocy. The United States is good at collecting and evaluating primary information. They have long-term planning problems because Washington always overestimates its forces and underestimates the enemy. They just don’t have to think any longer than 8 years ahead. Then there will be a new president and a new political cycle will start. For Ukraine, however, American adequacy is sufficient. It [Ukraine – ed] has too short a life and too bad a fortune for Washington to seriously think about the problem even in the medium term. By then, Ukraine should be anyone’s problem, just not America’s.

The 2020 American election is being held in this format of plans and relations. It is an election based on principles. Globalists have a last chance to exact revenge, after which they expect never to give up power. It’s unachievable, but they have no other option. Right-wing conservative Trumpists need to consolidate their four-year-old victory, show that it is not the accidental success of a scandalous elderly gentleman, but a new political trend. They need to move the left-liberal globalists away from political power seriously and for a long time, and in their current form forever.

The contradictions are so acute, especially against the background of the systemic crisis that has significantly reduced the resource base, that American experts for the first time since Lincoln’s time speak about the high reality of an attempt to revise the election results by force, i.e., the possibility of starting a civil war.

In such a situation Ukraine is willing, but cannot, play a significant role in American domestic politics. Groups of Ukrainian oligarchs, fighting among themselves with a veracity that would honour the best examples of American domestic political conflicts, try to fully play the ace up the sleeve entitled “dirt on Biden“, trying to sell themselves, firstly, more expensively, and secondly, to the future winner, which still needs to be guessed.

Multiple errors are allowed. As was mentioned above, the Ukrainian political system is created and controlled by the Democrats so much so that the the desires and actions of individual politicians play no role. Anyway, in general, this platform is for the Democrats. That is precisely why, after his erroneous actions at the start of his presidency (the last attempt was made after Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky took office), Trump and Giuliani did not try to initiate criminal proceedings in Ukraine against Burisma and the Bidens.

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The train departed. In the American information space, information about the corruption of Biden and Democrats is legalised thanks to the mistake of the Democrats with impeachment. Moreover, on the basis of the informational legalisation of this topic, its legal legalisation is under way and certain steps are being taken to bring political and then legal charges against the Biden family and Democrats as a whole in the United States. The topic continues to be used by both sides, but it has long been clear that it is through this that Trump outplayed his opponents and that it is not profitable for the Democrats to place a stake on this “Honduras” again.

It is extremely difficult to assume that new Ukrainian revelations will fundamentally affect the situation in the United States in the six months remaining before the election. The Democrats are looking for moves against Trump that would allow to kill the informational effect of the failed impeachment and legalising information about corruption at the top of the Democratic Party. Trump’s team is keenly vigilant, neutralising the Democrat’s activity, spurring a little bit (so that there is enough effect before the election) the scandals that benefit him, and reserving moves in case the Democrats manage to crack the Republican-friendly current electoral marathon agenda.

The most important – Chinese, Russian, and European – cards have not yet been played. It is not yet clear how critical the socio-economic situation in the country will be by election day, but it is already clear that it will be very bad and will give the candidate who will correctly master this topic a good chance to win.

Against this background, the Ukrainian theme in the United States is being flushed away. The moor did his job a long time ago, and no one promised to feed him longer than is necessary. Ukrainian politicians are nervous about this situation. They’re trying to attract attention. They have only two arguments: the “Biden case” and the “war against Russia”. So far, they’re counting on the former, but it’s clearly not working.

Despite the fear of new defeats, like the one in 2014-2015, the right-wing part of the Ukrainian political spectrum once again starts to deploy the topic of a “small victorious war”. Zelensky, trying to convince Russia, France, and Germany of the need to make concessions and accept his “Donbass settlement plan”, even stoked fear (through his diplomats) by saying that if they did not agree with him, the right-wing would come and start a war. Following the response of Donbass to the UAF’s increased shelling, the situation temporarily stabilised, but hell opened up. Kiev still needs to offer its master a reminder about its existence, and they have no other way of doing it.

Rostislav Ishchenko

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