America Paid the Mejlis $250 Million to Destabilise the Situation in Crimea

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

16/08/2018 1/2/3

Most of the Crimean Tatars living in the Kherson region of Ukraine don’t support the rhetoric of the Mejlis. This was stated at a press conference in Simferopol by the vice-chairman of the Regional public organisation “Qirim Birligi” (“Unity of Crimea”) Rustem Nimetullayev.

“There was the full usurpation of the Genichesk district of the Kherson region by structures of the Mejlis. First of all it is the Crimean Tatars who suffered from it. Businessmen were forced to hand over tributes. There was an appeal to the so-called president, but there was zero reaction. They were forced to pay for the blockade that Islyamov organised, forced to be on duty. People are intimidated. There are a lot of armed groups,” said Nimetullayev.

His father, the head “Qirim Birligi” Seytumer Nimetullayev affirms that many Crimean Tatars want to move from Ukraine to Crimea and to obtain Russian citizenship.

“We are called a lot and asked how to move to Crimea and obtain citizenship or a residence permit. Whoever honestly worked, whoever honestly behaved — please, let them come. We have a peaceful sky, we are protected. Whoever isn’t lazy can be given work, roads are being constructed”, he said.

Rustem Nimetullayev also stated that the Mejlis received $250 million from the US for the destabilisation of the situation in Crimea.

“According to our information, last year structures of the Mejlis received $250 million from the US to shake things up in Crimea. On that side they don’t sleep. All these statements come not from one’s own mind. Money is being put to work there. It is seen where these individuals go: Toronto, US, London. Sometimes they fly to Turkey,” said Nimetullayev.

Also according to him, in 2015 the US increased the financing of Crimean Tatar public organisations in Turkey by threefold.

“The Mejlis monitor social networks. In 2014-2016 there was a case where people came home in villages and were threatened if they supported Russia or took part in elections,” said Nimetullayev.

At the same time he believes that in reality the Mejlis influence only 5-7% of Crimean Tatars.

The vice-chairman of Public council of the Crimean Tatar people Enver Kantemir-Umerov stated that representatives of the Public council of Crimean Tatar people are ready to speak in the UN to provide an point of view that serves as an alternative to the rhetoric of the Mejlis.

“Everything that is said in the already adopted resolutions is, to put it mildly, a lie. We are ready to present to the UN both documented data and our own opinion. We can give comments on each bullet point and describe the dynamics issues,” said Kantemir-Umerov.

The vice-chairman of regional public organisation “Qirim Birligi” (“Unity of Crimea”) Rustem Nimetullayev believes that an alternative view of events in Crimea is already demanded in the world.

“There is a request for the real opinion of the Crimean Tatars living in Crimea, and not those who shout from abroad that everything is bad there,” said Nimetullayev.

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