America Plans to Store Its Nuclear Waste in the Chernobyl Zone

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The US gave money to Kiev for the construction in Chernobyl of a place of storage for spent nuclear fuel. After the completion of this object, the American government plans to transport its waste to Ukraine.

This was stated by the Vice President of academy of economic sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel “LOT”.

“You understand, this is a catastrophe for Ukraine. The US  is deeply indifferent towards the future of our people and our country. Back home [USA – ed] they forbade the construction of places for the storage of nuclear waste, but they planned to transfer it to our place [Ukraine – ed]. It’s not enough for them to just transport it to Ukraine – they also want to put it at distance of 30 kilometers from Kiev,” he said.

Peshko also noted that the burial of such waste near settlements can lead to a second Chernobyl [accident – ed].

“The maximum service life of containers for nuclear waste is up to 100 years, but this doesn’t completely exclude the possibility of different accidents, like the Chernobyl accident. The placement of such nuclear burials near cities is simply a tragedy and catastrophe for all Ukrainian people,” summed up Anatoly Peshko.

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