America Takes the War Against Russia on Social Networks to the Next Level

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The office of naval intelligence of the United States Department of the Navy (structure of the United States Department of Defense) finalised a contract with the Galisteo Consulting Group company for the – attention! – “development and improvement of methodology of understanding the influence of Russia on the Internet audience, its polarisation, and the political agenda pushed forward by Russia”.

This was reported on the website of State procurement of the US Government. What does it mean? The Galisteo Consulting Group has a patented methodology of determining the models of behavior of users of social networks during discussions devoted to political events. A certain especially designed network will monitor pages and groups regarding activity – what materials cause various reactions from users. The Americans are thus going to reveal anomalies, i.e. the hottest topics causing a storm of likes, shares, and comments can be regarded as an “invasion of the Russian trolls” or “informational influence by Russia”. In the crosshairs of the Galisteo Consulting Group – the Russian-speaking and English-speaking segments of the Internet.

At the same time the US pushes forward the agenda of “exposing Russian propaganda and disinformation”. For this purpose in the Czech Republic the DIGIM (digital monitoring) structure works, which is under the “roof” of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). The task of DIGIM – “to expose Russian propaganda” on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, and “Odnoklassniki”.

Facebook itself has already introduced an update that “will help to reduce the distribution of fake news”. “Fake news” will be marked as “Disputed” and a link to a website on which “accurate information” is given. Ukraine addressed the management of Facebook concerning the recognition of “fake news”. It is simple to understand what news and articles from the point of view of the Kiev regime will be marked as “Disputed” and what websites Facebook will send its users to for them to drink the “truth”. And, as it was conceived by fighters against “Russian propaganda”, users will be able to mark information as “suspicious”, and then it will be checked by “special organisations for fact checking”. Some certain informational “White Helmets”. Besides this, Facebook “will take measures” against those who spread news that will seem to someone as fake. Currently it works like this: if a user decided to share subjectively “disputable” news in groups, the social network informs the poster about suspicious activity and forbids any communication in groups, without troubling itself with proving the fakeness or truthfulness of the information. Do you distribute news about events in Donbass or Syria? Facebook will nullify your presence in groups, probably, equating you to the “invasion of Russian trolls”.

The Information war moves to a new level. Under the slogans of the fight against the informational influence of Russia, the US plans to push forward their informational picture of the world. Under the guise of “Russian interference” it is possible to rein in everything that doesn’t correspond to this picture.

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