America Was Working on Plans to Turn Crimea into Another Kosovo Before the Coup in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian lawyer and politician Tatyana Montyan stated that the US, with the help of Maidan, captured Ukraine in order to place a NATO military base in Crimea…

In fact, this stopped being a secret long ago. Tatyana Montyan explained that the US clambered into Ukraine for the sake of having a NATO base in Crimea. However, the reunion of Crimea with Russia became “a global bummer” for Washington, and Ukraine turned into ballast. According to her, she doesn’t know “who will be “killer” of Ukraine. And that on July 16th Putin will tell Trump “why he elected him”.

Many consider that this meeting will become the “handing over of the interests” of Ukraine, since now the interests of Washington are concentrated only in the Pacific Rim.

Earlier, one of the high-ranking veterans of intelligence Raymond McGovern already recognised that if Crimea didn’t reunite with Russia, then there would’ve been NATO military bases on the peninsula. However, this story started not in this decade and not in the decade before, but from the moment the Berlin wall fell.

“Certainly, such a threat existed. I think that it is also for this reason that Putin took such a sharp step as the accession of Crimea. And indeed, there was a threat that Crimea will depart even not to Ukraine, but under the US’ control. Well, and it was obvious: immediately after the ‘suppression’ of Crimea our fleet will be expelled from there,” stated the leading expert of the Centre of Military-Political Studies Mikhail Aleksandrov.

“Then Russia would lose serious naval positions in the Black Sea. Actually, the US would’ve cast things back to the beginning of the 18th century in terms of maritime power, and this would be unacceptable,” assured the expert. He emphasised that “in Ukraine radicals undertook a coup with the support of the US and the EU”.

Mikhail Aleksandrov reminded that currently “we are able nevertheless to control a considerable part of the Black Sea. Earlier, when Crimea was in Ukraine, we had a limited base, which we would’ve lost and would be left with the one Novorossiysk”.

Even in the summer of 2015 the commander of Naval Forces of Ukraine said in interview to the departmental magazine “Narodnaya Armiya” that Odessa will become a NATO port, which the ships of the anti-Russia alliance will enter. According to the plans of the West, in principle, the “rebellious” Crimea had to become such a NATO port.

“By the end of 2014 the peninsula already had to become the central base of NATO in the region, or, as the Americans say, a stationary unsinkable aircraft carrier near the Russian fence. In Crimea in 2013 repair work on the facilities chosen for the basing of military personnel, HQs, warehouses, and other infrastructure of NATO began,” said the colonel reserve officer and the head of the Centre for the Study of Applied Problems of National Security Aleksandr Zhilin in 2014.

“In order to neutralise the patriotic sentiments of Sevastopol residents and other inhabitants of the peninsula, the Yankees prepared for Crimea a repetition of the fate of Kosovo. According to their idea, the Crimean Tatars had to play the role of Kosovan Albanians, declare their sovereignty, and cleanse Crimea of Russian patriots. Putin’s operation to ensure stability on the peninsula, from making a decision on a referendum to actually carrying it out, is unique and unprecedented in many indicators,” added the retired colonel of the head department of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Grigory Vanin.

It should be noted that the Americans started to create the infrastructure for their Naval Forces still before Maidan in Kiev. One of the Sevastopol schools was supposed to be reconstructed into an engineering base of the US Navy. As a reminder, the announcement of this tender still exists on the page of the governmental website of procurements Federal Business Opportunity. In the enclosed document the Americans in detail described the reconstruction of the building and attached schemes, plans, and maps. They didn’t forget even about toilets with signs in the English and Ukrainian languages.

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What is characteristic is that at the same place there is a board with the inscription: “The reconstruction of this school became possible thanks to the donations of the American people to the residents of Sevastopol with the assistance of the department for military cooperation and the US Embassy in Ukraine”.

As the member of the committee of the Federation Council on defense and security Dmitry Sablin reminds, “the Americans indeed prepared themselves very seriously and thoroughly for their entrance in Crimea. One year prior to the events on Maidan in Kiev they estimated the cost of repairing a number of buildings in Sevastopol and Simferopol where they planned to place staff and reconnaissance units. They considered the military airfields and garrisons – which back then belonged to Ukraine – as their own military facilities and even sent instructions to re-equip them in accordance with NATO standards. In the plans of the American military April, 2014 was designed as the time of the beginning of the re-arrangement in Crimea. It seemed to them that the issue had already been solved”.

Western experts spoke about these American plans (and on more than one occasion). And if to consider the fact that in 2017 the term of the agreement with Ukraine on renting out the naval base to the Russian fleet of Sevastopol had almost expired, the US would’ve received full control over the Black Sea. The air space up to Voronezh and Moscow could easily be exposed to fire from the territory of Crimea, and should the need arrive – up to Ankara.

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However these plans weren’t fated to come true.

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