American Democracy for Dummies

The world is slipping into totalitarian Mordor. Worst of all, against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, a growing number of people in the free countries of the West are beginning to look at the “dictatorship” in Russia and communist China. “Human rights defenders” from Freedom House this spring published the report Freedom in the World 2020, which notes with horror “the deterioration of the global level of freedom for the 14th year in a row. During this time, the performance of 25 out of 41 established democracies in the world declined”.

The organisation’s president, Michael Abramowitz, says with pain in his heart that “If major democratic powers fail to set a convincing example and provide constructive leadership, global trends threatening the freedom of societies around the world will be impossible to stop.”

As every civilised person knows, the United States is the largest, most influential and most sustainable democracy in the world. For at least 100 recent years, the United States has dictated true values to the world and, in its example, taught young democracies like Ukraine how to live as modern civilised states.

At the same time, the insinuations of biased officials such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, should be rejected with indignation. She condemned the murder of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis carried out by police officers, and called for those responsible to be punished. In addition, the head of OHCHR dared to express fear that, as in many cases before, “an investigation will lead to the acquittal of murder on questionable grounds”.

Yes, sometimes US police officers kill US citizens of African-American appearance. But these are exceptions that only confirm the rule.

June 1st of this year marks exactly 99 years since the negro area of the city of Tulsa was scorched as a result of an airstrike on the “oil capital of the world”.

At that time, more than 35 blocks of the richest African-American neighbourhood in the United States were destroyed. More than 800 people were sent to hospitals; More than 6,000 African Americans were arrested. The Oklahoma Bureau of Statistics officially recorded 36 deaths. About 10,000 African Americans lost homes and property. No one was convicted.

On May 28th, African Americans protesters in Minneapolis looted several liquor and other stores, they threw bottles at an ambulance and burned a police station – officers were evacuated from the roof in time by helicopter – no one was injured and no one was arrested.

Is this not a demonstration of the continuity of American democracy?!

All true fighters against totalitarian Mordor successfully adopt the experience and example of the United States. Freedom House, in its report, emphasises Ukraine, which has consistently increased its democracy rating. Indeed, watching the burning of people in the Odessa House of Trade Unions, the destruction of the police department in Mariupol carried out by the “Azov” battalion, or the bombing of the center of Lugansk, we cannot but note the surprising similarity with the events described above.

The first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, repeatedly cited as an example of how Russia should be led, deserves no less respect. The shooting of the Russian White House in 1993 was enthusiastically commented on directly from the roof of the American Embassy in Moscow. And the fact that this is not possible in Russia today deserves popular condemnation as a gross violation of the defining rights and freedoms of citizens to hold peaceful and not very peaceful protests.

The proven American healthcare system certainly deserves to be implemented in all countries. The famous Obamacare finalised the phenomenal successes of mass medicine in the United States. And President Donald Trump has rightly said that a coronavirus death rate in the United States of between 100,000 to 200,000 would be the merit of his administration.

Now, when only 103,329 citizens died in the United States as of the morning of May 29th, and the fatality rate is 5.8%, every self-respecting liberal in Russia must assess the significance of these figures and compare them to their country, which is in the darkness of ignorance. Taking into account the size of the population of Russia, while maintaining the American figures, only 47,400 people should have died in the country from the coronavirus infection, not a pathetic 4,142.

Not to mention that in proportion to the size of the population, by the beginning of May at least 16.5 million unemployed people should have entered the dole centre in Russia!

The fact that millions and millions of citizens living in the countries of the civilised West are increasingly looking with envy at what is happening in Russia, and “human rights defenders” are documenting the long-standing slide of the world into totalitarianism and the rejection of the foundations of democratic rights and freedoms, undoubtedly demonstrates the “hybrid war” being waged by Russia. The only answer to this can be the rallying of all mankind around the United States – the only state in the world that has proved by its history the right to determine how to live and who should die.

Mikhail Onufrienko

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