American Military Interests in Armenia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A Russian military base appeared on the territory of Armenia after the signing of an agreement between the two countries in the difficult 1995. The 102nd Russian military base is on combat duty within the framework of the Joint CIS Air Defense System. On August 20th, 2010, the Russian Federation and Armenia extended the validity of the base placement agreement up to 2044.

And for quite some time now in the Armenian segment of “Facebook” a page containing an appeal “to remove the 102nd military base out of Armenia”, the authors of which consider that “the Russian 102nd military base doesn’t promote the interests of Armenia and must be removed from the territory of the republic”, is being spread in the most active way.

Where did the legs of this agitprop grow from …

If you read what is written on Facebook, then it immediately becomes clear that an attempt is being made to link the military base defending the security of Armenia and the Armenian people with the image of the condemned Valery Permyakov, who in January, 2015 brutally murdered a family of local residents. Yes, such a thing indeed happened. The criminal is being severely punished. However, already back then it was found out that the crime wasn’t committed on national grounds. It was an ordinary awful crime.

Who needed to dig up this story?

Already one shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the following persons are involved in spreading the aforementioned page and the post inside it: Daniel Ioannisyan – an old employee of the fund of Soros in Armenia who recently switched to work in the government of Armenia; Karpis Pashoyan – the former speaker of Ararat Mirzoyan and active propagandist of LGBT rights, who was recently exempted from work for inadmissible expressions made towards the Armenian soldiers who died during the April “four-day war” in Nagorno-Karabakh.

It should be noted that Ararat Mirzoyan has a vast experience in working for Americans. In particular, in 2012-2013 he was the coordinator of the program of the so-called “International Foundation for Electoral Systems” (IFES) – in fact, structures of the US State Department and CIA, according to the blueprints and recommendations of which, the electoral system of the republic will beyond all doubt be “reformed”.

Of course, this is not an isolated case of information war against the Russian presence in Armenia. For example, the website “” financed by the fund of Soros and coordinated by Ioannisyan recently raised the question of deliveries of Russian weapons to Armenia, having called it “morally obsolete”. These pseudo-experts decided that they will be able to groundlessly and passingly spoil the reputation of the quality of Russian weapons? I don’t think so, it wont work here.

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But all of this is just movements and stirring of the American NGOs on social networks. And what do the official authorities of Armenia think about this? What in general have the authorities said lately about the Russian military base on its territory?

Officially and formally the new government of Armenia supports the strengthening of relations with Russia and accents the importance of the basing of its military base in Armenia – we have all repeatedly heard this.

However, in the internal information field a serious anti-Russian campaign, which gradually receives broad coverage, started by leading persons of the government. All of this is very sad and causes serious concern, in particular in the conditions of Pashinyan’s placement in important state posts of persons financed by western grants and the constant strengthening of their influence over internal processes.

The direction is chosen and “Soros” dogs desperately will fight for these purposes on all budget selected for this purpose.

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