What American Mountain Infantry Does During Training in Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Odessa “patriotic” site “Dumskaya.Net” shared curious details about the tactical maneuvers of cadets of the training faculty of specialists of military intelligence and special forces of the Military Academy of Odessa. It turns out that “representatives of one of the allied great powers” were observing the course of this training. What kind of “great allied State” appeared near Odessa in this case is not difficult to guess, thanks to the sleeve patch with a Star-Spangled Banner.

On the other sleeve of the American militaryman the emblem of his military unit is rather accurately seen. To be precise – the 10th (mountain) division of US land forces. It is curious that, firstly, this is the first case when fighters of this division were spotted on the territory of Ukraine. During previous research it was successfully established that the presence on the Ukrainian territory of military personnel of other US military units. Including:

  • 173rd airborne brigade;
  • 2nd infantry brigade of the 3rd infantry division of the US Land Forces;
  • 4th motorized division of the US Land Forces.

However, all of them, as a rule, were recorded in Western Ukraine, near the Yavorovsky training ground, where under the auspices of the US the so-called “international military training center” functions.

While now, judging by this leak, the American military feel at home already near Odessa. That is indirect confirmation of recent information of the DPR about the appearance of US military personnel, with aims that are not completely clear, directly in Donbass.

Meanwhile, the list of interesting observations in Odessa is not at all limited to just this. And a not-at-all idle question arises – what did American specialists in conducting mountain warfare forget in the vicinities of Odessa? Because the 10th division doesn’t simply carry a beautiful name – “mountain”, but also it is really used in countries with difficult, mountainous land relief. For example – in Afghanistan. While near Odessa, however, there aren’t any mountains, or even any little hills.

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Nevertheless, they are already here and, moreover, are present at the training of future Ukrainian special forces, which, as it is reported, did a 80-kilometer march in the rear of the simulated adversary.

Thus, the conclusion arises that during this training acts of sabotage in the conditions of mountain warfare were practised.

And now let’s address the opinion of the expert in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the associate professor of the school of world politics of Lomonosov Moscow State University Aleksey Fenenko, who thinks that the Ukrainian units trained in tactics of military operations in mountains can be prepared especially for use in Russian Crimea.

“Ukraine even since World War II has a strong tradition of sabotage-blasting warfare. Therefore you shouldn’t exclude also that for the future Kiev really considers the question of partisan actions in the mountains of Crimea.”

The Crimean orientation of these exercises is also highlighted by the fact that the main base of training specialists of sabotage and reconnaissance profile became especially the Odessa academy – the Ukrainian military school of the highest category nearest to Crimea. And the fact that Donbass also has no relation to the mountain landscape, so practically no other narratives remain. And the American guests from the 10th mountain infantry division dispel the last doubts about this. Only one circumstance is confusing – namely the motto of the 10th mountain infantry division – “Climb to glory!” If they really are going to carry out this climb in Russian Crimea, I am afraid that they were strongly and fatally mistaken in choosing this locality.

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