American NGO Explores the Kherson Region Whilst Waiting to Return to Crimea

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Representatives of the International Republican Institute (IRI) of the US, which is engaged in “supporting democracy” in certain countries, expects the resumption of work of the organization in Crimea. This was stated by the Director of the IRI in Ukraine Michael Druckman in comment to “Krim.Realii” during his visit to the Genichesk district of the Kherson region [which Ukraine treats as its “new” Crimea after the loss of the peninsula after the 2014 referendum – ed] on August 21st.

“We had an office in Crimea, we realized projects, actively cooperated with public organizations, with political parties, with the local authorities. We wait for a return to Crimea, so that we can continued the work that we once did,” said Druckman.

Also, he said that the IRI works on including the city of Kherson in its priority cities for programs for 2018.

On the day of the visit of the staff of the institute with representatives of the administrations of Kherson and Genichesk, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine carried out a review of the station of a 150-meter teleradio tower for broadcasting to Crimea, the territories of the “Chongar” control checkpoint on an administrative border with Crimea, and a service zone.

Ukrainian border guards spoke about the work of the checkpoint, interaction with the civil formation “Asker” [Crimean Tatar volunteer battalion – ed], the members of which carry out joint service with them on the administrative border with Crimea.

The delegation was received also on the territory of the civil blockade of Crimea. There the guests were treated to Crimean Tatar pilau.

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The International Republican Institute is a non-profit organization proclaiming its purpose as assisting certain countries in the “construction of democracy”. Since 1994, the IRI begun cooperation with Ukraine “for promoting appropriate management, strengthening of the State and public institutes, and a combination of efforts in the country at a stage of transitional democracy”.

We are wondering why it’s not an NGO from Zimbabwe or somewhere else, but an American one that came – it’s always from the same place, and they always want to spread “democracy”, something they admit themselves.

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