Americans Train Ukrainian Saboteurs for Deep Reconnaissance in Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Curators from the American intelligence services will reorient the Ukrainian Forces of special operations for reconnaissance-sabotage actions not only in the Republics of Donbass, but also on the territory of Russia.

Saboteurs receive thorough training from foreign instructors. But for now the Americans knock together groups of specially selected fighters, their lists are already attentively studied by the employees of the Ministry of State Security of the Lugansk People’s Republic.

The chief of the engineering service of the 8th regiment of the forces of special operations Ivanchuk – detained by the special service of the Republic, became the source of information, who, besides this, steered the state security of the LPR towards the antifascist-minded high-ranking officers of the forces of special operations.

Sources in detail revealed the structure of the forces of special operations of the Kiev regime. Thus, the 3rd regiment under the command of the Colonel Aleksandr Trepak works in the DPR direction and the border regions of Russia, with Belgorod as a priority.

While the 8th regiment of the Colonel Oleg Nechayev is focused on the LPR and the Russian Crimea.

It is precisely from the structure of these regiments that the western instructors personally choose and train using NATO techniques soldiers who are the most efficient and devoted to the Kiev regime.

Special training grounds are created for training, where even Ukrainian Generals aren’t allowed in. Ivanchuk with his subordinates took part in the construction of one such training grounds.

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The places of deployment of forces of special operations became known to the Ministry of State Security of the LPR.

Thus, 250 fighters of the 3rd regiment divided into separate sabotage groups were transferred to the region of the settlement of Novosyolovka, 80 kilometers to the southwest of Donetsk.

230 servicemen of the 8th regiment are near the settlement Liman, which is 85 kilometers to the north of Lugansk.

Besides this, groups of the 8th regiment cover the airfield of Kramatorsk, 70 kilometers to the northwest of Donetsk.

“The state security of the LPR continues to obtain data on the re-deployment of the Ukrainian sabotage groups and traces their actions, having lists and other information for the identification of fighters of the forces of special operations of the Kiev regime,” said the representative of the intelligence service.

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