America’s 10 Steps for the Collapse of the USSR: How the CIA Rehashes Old Technology to Stage a Coup in Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Several months ago [this article was published in 2017 – ed] classified documents of the CIA – the plan of a covert special operation against the USSR – were published. This plan consisted of 10 points. The Americans needed exactly 10 steps in order to destroy the great empire – the Soviet Union. According to the investigation of the “Theory of Plot” program on the “Zvezda” TV channel, attempts are being made to use this plan again – this time against Russia again…

Many still consider that the Soviet Union collapsed because of economic stagnation, the infringement of the freedom of citizens, disorder among the leaders of the party, and other problems. However this is not so. A destructive covert operation was used against the Soviet Union.


Any war always begins with documents. First of all, intelligence agencies – the Pentagon and CIA – receive the sanction of the president. Such papers, as a rule, had the highest security classification. After all, they could fall into the enemy’s hands and provoke the most real war. Some of the documents became the property of the public over time.

One of such documents – the directive of the National Security Decision Directives (NSDD). On January 17th, 1983 this document arrived on the table of the US President Ronald Reagan. It was prepared by William Casey – the 13th director of CIA. In fact, this document was a plan to shake the USSR. The directive of the NSDD under the signature stamp “top secret” assumed secret offensive operations against the Soviet Union.

According to the deputy director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Predictions of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Dmitry Egorchenkov, such plans exist also today.

“The freshest of such plans that leaked out to the press is the RAND Corporation report – a very known American research institute affiliated with intelligence agencies and with the US Department of Defence – that appeared at the end of 2016. Within the framework of this document the following concept is outlined: in the future the US will be obliged to face the strengthening of its key opponents in the world – Russia, China, and Iran. With forces that are slightly less steady than China’s, there will be a need to act especially in the way that the Americans called it – the power to coerce,” stressed Egorchenkov.

“It is written in black and white that it is necessary to support all forms of internal opposition. Last year [2016 – ed] on the website of US governmental purchases there was a request for research into the factor of Russian nationalism in Russia and the possible options for its use,” added the expert.


US intelligence is a huge organism. Money is the cornerstone of it – the budget of the department. Its size is a State secret, however, thanks to Edward Snowden’s revelations the sum became known – it is about $15 billion per year.

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According to experts, as a rule, intelligence agents are based in a decent, status place, for example, in the embassy.

“After all, it is very convenient, diplomatic mail isn’t examined. There is nothing, accredited diplomats aren’t asked any questions upon entering the country. That’s why when someone is declared as person non grata, another country obligatorily declares it too. I.e., we approximately know who in the American Embassy is a spy,” claims the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Sidyakin.

Also the offices of the various liberal organisations and funds are named as places where US intelligence is based too. Until recently in Russia NDI – the National Democratic Institute created at the time of Reagan by Walter Raymond, one of chief specialists of the CIA on foreign propaganda – worked legally.


Specialised American departments have been scrupulously collecting information about life in Russia since the Soviet Union, when the borders were locked. The Americans were interested in everything: what they eat, what they wear, how much is earned, what they speak about, and, especially, what Soviet citizens are dissatisfied with.

Now the largest volume of information is provided by social networks. People spread millions of pictures every day, personal data, and the data of relatives, friends, their work place, and they exchange opinions and give an assessment on political events.

The CEO of the Center for political information Aleksey Mukhin assures that this data is more than sufficient enough for Americans for studying the interests of Russians.

“The coverage of these social networks is so big that practically the entire living space that is interesting for American or adjacent to them intelligence agencies is covered. I.e., everything that can be to interesting for American intelligence agencies is now on social networks,” notes the expert.

A huge array of data is being collected, analysed, and an average portrait of the resident of the country is being developed, thanks to which it becomes clear how to work towards aims.


In the Soviet period not only the known-by-all “Voice of America” radio station worked, but also the international information and exchange service of the State Department, the international information service in the structure of NATO, and the “Svoboda” radio station. A number of media agencies conduct vigorous propaganda activity – they give a tribune to any dissatisfied persons. Not only figures of traditional media, but also those who write or publish videos on the Internet come into the Americans’ field of view.

“Research was carried out before the last elections. It turned out that external players in the media sphere were very actively involved in buying up blogs in Russian regions, through which it was then possible to broadcast an absolutely obvious and comprehensive agenda,” pointed out the director of Institute for Strategic Studies and Predictions of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Dmitry Egorchenkov.

All of this activity of “pocket” media is directly connected with so-called “agents of influence”.


The road for “agents of influence”, as a rule, starts with acquaintance. At first you are invited to the embassy, then you are given travel tickets or passes for some educational program. This can be a program for teachers, lawyers, well and, of course, for journalists and young politicians.

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According to political scientists, at every meeting these “agents of influence” work for their previously given money, weepingly telling heart-breaking stories allegedly about torture in prisons – and all of this must work for the audience.

“Every person has their place, every person knows that to do, and these people at the right time will organise the movement of a crowd in a certain direction, these people at a pre-determined moment excite the crowd for the bawling out of specific slogans. These people start, for example, to insult or attack representatives of the authorities or representatives of law enforcement structures, i.e., these people all the time represent a trigger that already unleashes the energy of the crowd,” assures the political scientist Kirill Strelnikov.


Ideas that travel by word of mouth were being broadcasted to Russians since the times of the USSR: Russia is, allegedly, an aggressor country and oppresses people in Ukraine, Syria, and so forth. It is interesting logic, i.e., American soldiers have a right to bring order outside their country’s borders, and Russians soldiers don’t have this right and should sit silently in the Motherland.


It is worth paying attention to one little-known fact. In the 1980’s the head of the CIA personally visited Saudi Arabia. The analytical department of the CIA calculated that if the prices of oil in the world market fall to only $1, then the USSR will lose from 500 million to 1 billion dollars a year. Historians claim that this indeed became the aim of the visit of the chief of the CIA William Casey, who made “an interesting proposal” to the sheikh. After the negotiations between the authorities of Saudi Arabia and Casey oil production in the country sharply jumped up. Thus, in 1986 the losses of the USSR from the falling of oil prices totalled $13 billion.

The special operation aimed at reducing oil prices in 2013-14 were a carbon copy of the situation with the Soviet Union. Saudi Arabia turned on its pumps at full capacity and started pumping oil, and after this the US also increased oil production by 48%.

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In order to definitively finish off the economy of Russia, the US imposed sanctions on it. The Americans forbade large international deals and started to pursue Russian businessmen abroad.


During the Soviet era analysts of the American intelligence agencies purposefully worked with the governments of the federal republics of the USSR and the countries of the socialist camp – Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Mistrust towards Moscow was artificially created there.

Among the 13 million declassified CIA documents there is the report “Resistance Factors and Special Forces actions. Ukraine”. According to it, in 1957 US intelligence developed a plan for an anti-Soviet armed uprising in the Ukrainian Soviet republic. Intelligence agencies of the CIA categorised the moods of the inhabitants of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and forecasted inter-ethnic tension between Russians and Ukrainians. Intelligence placed particular emphasis on local residents who will cooperate with the American special troops during an intervention.

Now this story repeats itself, but this time in the regions of Russia. For example, in Ekaterinburg – the capital of the Urals – the number of American representatives and employees of embassies is simply off the scale. Just during 2015 the ambassador of the US in Russia John Tefft visited Ekaterinburg twice. During the same year Kathleen Kavalec, the then deputy of Victoria Nuland – holding the post of the Assistant US Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, came here.


The most important step in the war of the intelligence agencies against Russia will become the formation of sympathisers among the representatives of the highest levels of the authorities. Currently this work is being conducted first of all among business elites. It is precisely confusion in the highest levels of the authorities that became at the time of the USSR the most important success for the US. The 9th step of the technology of western intelligence agencies hasn’t yet touched Russia.


In the USSR this happened in the late 80’s. Economic problems result in a food deficit. The country stands in long queues for basic necessities. “Agents of influence” promise people a worthy life and democratic freedom. People are bought for jeans, Coca, and chewing gum, and brought out to the streets. In some regions tobacco revolts begin. Treachery among the elites reigns. There is a panic, and the country becomes uncontrollable, then there is a coup.

Experts are sure that in order to prevent the implementation of the CIA plan’s for the collapse of Russia, not only political power, but also ordinary citizens should ponder upon this.

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