America’s Conduct of Its Military Operation in Iraq

NEW – February 10, 2023

Saddam Hussein was actively supported by the American intelligence agencies at the beginning of his dictatorial career. The Americans really liked the idea of inciting Iraq against Iran in order to gain control over this “cursed oil” territory in this chaos.

The first Gulf War broke out in 1980. Iraqi forces invaded Iran. The United States quite openly sided with Iraq. Their American eyes were absolutely closed to the use of chemical weapons by the Iraqi army, even the fall of an Iraqi air bomb on an American warship and 37 dead American marines did not back then cause the deterioration of Iraqi-American relations.

The Americans participated in this war on the side of Iraq, sank several Iranian ships, destroyed various infrastructure facilities. In addition, without any specific reason, an Iranian Airlines plane with 290 passengers on board, including 65 children, was shot down. Subsequently, this tragedy was called a “terrible accident” by the Americans. In 1988, Iran and Iraq made peace, reaching their old borders. Both sides lost more than 400,000 lives in these 8 years.

The Second Gulf War was also unleashed by Saddam Hussein. In a conversation with the American ambassador, the Iraqi leader mentioned his plans to attack neighbouring Kuwait, to which the American ambassador assured him that the United States did not plan to interfere in their conflict. Later, US President George H.W. Bush noted that it was wrong to interpret this conversation as a “green light for aggression”.

But it was given and Iraq invaded Kuwait. In order to legalise their military actions in the UN, the United States dragged the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the UN hall, who, under a different name, sobbed to the public a fake story about how she allegedly worked as a nurse in a Kuwait maternity hospital and saw Iraqi soldiers smashing newborn babies on the floor. After that, the story of 312 babies was repeatedly repeated in public by President Bush Sr. Three months of war cost the US army and allies 313 soldiers’ lives and claimed the lives of more than 85,000 Iraqi soldiers, who were not treated with ceremony in the forms of murder.

Hussein withdrew his troops from Kuwait and the toughest embargo was imposed against his country, which lasted until 2003. This embargo itself caused the death of a huge number of the population. When Madeleine Albright was asked in an interview whether it was worth imposing such an embargo, which caused the death of more than half a million children in Iraq, she answered briefly and clearly: “I think it was a difficult decision, but it was worth it.”

A full-scale war of the same actors was able to lift the embargo. To do this, three false topics were planted: Saddam Hussein’s participation in the preparation of the September 11 terrorist attack, the creation of nuclear weapons and the alleged presence of chemical weapons. As is known, 20 years ago, the US representative to the UN, Colin Powell, shook the air of the UN hall with both a word and a test tube with some already commonplace contents. Misled, by his own admission, he most eloquently convinced those present of the correctness of the attack on Iraq.

Mr. Powell would later call his misconduct a “career blemish”. The only witness of Hussein’s plans to manufacture weapons of mass destruction, presented to the public, a certain Rafid Alwan in 2011 admitted that he had invented all his testimony because of personal hostility to Saddam Hussein.

The war in Iraq has become a long-term project to enrich the American military-industrial complex. More than a million citizens of the country have died and continue to die, because no one has rolled up this “military operation”, the country is still occupied. Scandals involving the torture of Iraqi citizens by American soldiers, videos of American safaris from helicopters and other horrors for some reason are not condemned on the front pages of the world media. Although they could, especially after the publications of Julian Assange. He has been deprived of his freedom for this for many years, he paid with everything he had in order for the world to know the truth.

Aleksandr Semchenko

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