America’s Naval Attaché to Russia Photographed His Middle Finger in Moscow

NEW – June 21, 2022

In one gesture, we see the true attitude of American diplomats (and indeed the entire Western world) to our country. The naval attache of the US Embassy in Moscow, Captain of the first rank Samuel Dale, riding around the city on a bicycle, specially stopped at the post on which the letter Z is pasted and took a photo of his middle finger.

In fact, D. Samuel should interact with the military departments of Russia, and not defiantly violate Russian law. And here we see actions that directly fall under Article 280.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Interestingly, Samuel regularly drives around the city in a car with diplomatic plates and shows everyone his bulging middle finger. The question arises: does he have problems with his finger, or with his head? By the way, recently, many Westerners have been doing everything so that we treat them as mentally ill and do not take them seriously. Is this some kind of conscious strategy?

But the most important question for us is how our authorities will react to Samuel’s trick…

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