An Activist from the Socialist Front of Lithuania Was Set on Fire In Kaunas

In Kaunas an unknown man set fire to an activist from the “Socialist Front of Lithuania”, Aida Merkulova. The incident took place on December 12th, but it has only now become known.

According to “” human rights defender and co-chairman of the “Socialist Front of Lithuania” Giedrius Grabauskas, in the evening, when Merkulova was on her way home, an unknown man approached her and poured combustible liquid on her, setting her alight. The 46-year-old woman was hospitalised in intensive care with burns to her face, hands, and body. Because Merkulova has no family, colleagues learned about what happened a few days later when she was transferred to another department of the hospital.

Now representatives of “Socialist Front” appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“We want to know how the investigation will be conducted,” said Grabauskas.

According to him, the attack on Merkulova is a dirty method aimed at weakening the activities of anti-fascists in Lithuania.

“Earlier similar ways of exerting pressure were used in Ukraine, now it appeared in the Baltic states. This is a clear pro-fascist approach, which is dangerous for society,” said Grabauskas.

He also recalled that in December 2013 there was a brutal attack on the member of “Socialist Front” Igor Krynitsky. He was severely beaten and died in hospital a month later. The Prosecutor’s Office formally investigated the case.

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