An Alliance With Russia Will Prevent Europe From Becoming a US Colony

German businessmen and politicians are interested in preserving Germany as a national and self-sufficient state, said Russian State Duma deputy Elena Panina.

The head of the German-Russian Forum, German politician Matthias Platzeck, said that in 15-20 years there will be two geopolitical poles in the world. The first will appear in China, the second – in the US. If Europe does not improve relations with Russia, it will be “completely alone”.

Strained relations with the west may push Moscow to cooperate more closely with China. As a result, the EU will have no more allies. The German politician is sure that it is necessary to rebuild the security architecture of the countries together with Moscow.

Matthias Platzeck also stressed that there is “no ocean” between the states, so from this point of view, the establishment of relations is beneficial for the EU. The German politician is sure that it is time to rethink the sanctions policy against Moscow. It only causes damage and exacerbates aggression between the states.

German politicians usually try to resort to soft, streamlined wording, said the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Director of the RUSSTRAT Institute Elena Panina in an interview with the editorial board of “PolitExpert”. The sharp expressions used by the head of the “German-Russian Forum” are a rare but significant event.

“His forecast is based on the real state of affairs and a sober assessment of the ongoing geopolitical processes,” said the interlocutor of “PolitExpert”.

Matthias Platzeck represents German businessmen and politicians. They are interested in preserving Germany as a nation-state and Europe as a self-sufficient cluster with a population of about 450 million people.

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“On the contrary, it is important for the globalist financial elite, which came to power in the US on the back of the Democratic Party, to finally transform the EU, which was originally created as an American protectorate, into its own colony. The fact that Brussels is working on this task – European bureaucracy – is quite understandable. But the loyal statements addressed to the new US administration by a number of politicians from EU countries look strange to say the least,” the deputy added.

The Europeans were so encouraged by the appearance of Joe Biden as president that they stepped up their attack on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The fight for the project is no longer just a matter of competition between Russian and American gas in the EU market

“This is a serious geopolitical battle over whether European countries will remain as national sovereign states or lose their geopolitical subjectivity and turn into a colonial territory that feeds a new world master with its resources,” the expert explained.

Berlin is being deliberately turned against Moscow. The US wants Germany to get bogged down in the east, as it did in 1914 and 1941. As a result Europe will be  isolated and plunged into chaos”.

“Only in an alliance with Russia can European countries avoid a difficult situation. This is understood by such representatives of the German elite as Platzeck. That is why he suggests conducting an equal partnership dialogue with Moscow and building not only economic relations, but also creating a common security architecture,” Elena Panina concluded.

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Earlier, the deputy chairman of the CDU faction in the Bundestag, Johann David Wadephul, spoke about the role of Russia in the political arena of Europe. He is sure that in the confrontation between the EU and China, it will be important which side Moscow will take.

Kseniya Emelyanova

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