An American Mercenary Shot an Unarmed Russian Soldier in the Kharkov Region

NEW – January 31, 2023

The last battle of Russian heroes

During the September offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kharkov direction, a retreating BMP-2 of the Russian Armed Forces was filmed that had been caught by an advanced group of Ukrainian troops and American mercenaries. So we witnessed how the crew of the BMP conducted its last heroic battle, being surrounded by the enemy.

Yesterday we actually found out the fate of the rest of the BMP crew. An American mercenary uploaded a video with all sorts of ridiculous statements.

According to the description, the rest of the fighters on the BMP went into the neighbouring house, where the events of the second video take place. One of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation inside the house offered the Americans negotiations, however, appearing in the doorway, he was immediately shot by an American. The group of Russian soldiers who remained in the house took the last battle, during which at least two American “tourists” were destroyed, the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not reported.

For identification. Joshua Lopez, who shot a Russian soldier while trying to negotiate.

Portfel Genstaba

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