An American Mercenary Spoke About the Massacre of a Captured Russian Soldier Near Kharkov

NEW – August 4, 2022

Remember the American mercenary “Benjamin Velcro”, who dreamed of dismembering Russia and building a gay park on Red Square?

“We cut the tendons and made him swim to see how he would swim without the tendons. We were ordered not to take the enemy prisoner. The victim was from Central Russia. He was about 18 years old,” the American “Ben Velcro” spoke about the massacre of a Russian soldier near Kharkov.

Ben got drunk a couple of days ago and confessed to the brutal massacre of a Russian soldier. He also told us about what was happening in their unit.

The American is disappointed in the Ukrainian command because of their lack of “offensive spirit.”

According to him, the commanders expose the fighters to artillery strikes, and foreign mercenaries do all the work, so he submitted his resignation.

A few hours later, “Velcro” got drunk and, already illegible, confused in his own testimony, said the following:

  • After the scandalous video of the castration of a Ukrainian soldier, the soldiers of his unit tortured a Russian soldier.
  • According to “Velcro”, it was “an 18-year-old soldier from the Urals or Siberia”. They cut the tendons on his legs and forced him to swim across the Seversky Donets River, after which they shot him. He refused to provide information about the victim.
  • Initially, the American said that the soldier was tortured and killed by mercenaries from the Georgian National Legion, but then he claimed that he also participated in the torture.
  • On a drunken head, Velcro contradicted himself, declaring that he was ready to die in battle. Therefore, there is no good reason to believe that he left the International Legion.
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