An American Who Fought on the Side of Ukrainian Nazis in Donbass May Be Extradited to the US for Murdering an Elderly Couple

An American who arrived in Ukraine to join “Right Sector” and to fight in Donbass may be extradited from Ukraine. The US suspects the man of committing double murder, reported “Radio Svoboda” on October 7th.

Craig Lang is a former American military serviceman who was involved in fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2015 the American arrived in Ukraine and joined “Right Sector”. Lang spent 1.5 years in Donbass: when there was an opportunity, he signed a contract with the UAF and served for several months on the front line around the Svetlodarsk arc.

However, it turned out later that the American was put on the international wanted list and the US demands his extradition.

According to the case, in 2018 Lang, along with a colleague, posted online an announcement about the sale of weapons. After a while an elderly couple responded to it. The seller and the buyer agreed to meet in a small town in Florida. When the couple arrived to the place, Lang and his friend shot them. Presumably, the crime was committed for the purpose of making a profit: the criminals needed money to go to Venezuela and to fight on the side of opposition forces.

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