An Analogue of the Monroe Doctrine Will Discourage the US From Interfering in Russia’s Completion of Nord Stream 2

Economist Vasily Koltashov pointed out the main cause of tension in Russia’s relations with European countries and pointed to the solution of this problem.

Currently, we can see the desire of Europeans to get access to cheaper energy sources than American LNG. However, the ability of the US to exert serious pressure on EU policy condemns Europeans to face many obstacles on the way to ensuring true energy independence from the LNG imposed by Washington. For a final solution to this problem, the Europeans should at the international level give a firm rebuff to any foreign attempts to politically influence from the outside….

A similar opinion was expressed by economist Vasily Koltashov in an interview with the Federal News Agency, commenting on Germany’s modest attempts to defend the Russian gas project Nord Stream 2, which is important for the development of German business, as well as the timid objections of most EU countries to Washington’s interference in EU affairs.

“If the countries act together with Russia, then the political tension in Europe will start to go away,” Koltashov said, pointing to the prospects for developing constructive Russian-European relations in the absence of destructive political influence from across the Atlantic ocean. At the same time, they noted that “Europe still does not have an effective means of protection against American interference in the internal affairs of countries.”

In this context, the expert expressed confidence that the adoption by the Europeans of a document similar to the American Monroe doctrine will discourage the US from interfering in the Russian Federation’s completion of Nord Stream 2 and interfering in the internal affairs of the EU, which can now be observed quite often.

“Back in the 19th century, the US adopted the Monroe doctrine, which prohibited other European countries from participating in American politics. Europe needs a similar doctrine, “ Koltashov explained. The expert noted that problematic issues in relations between the Russian Federation and the EU should be resolved without the participation of the US, and then concluded that otherwise we will continue to “have only complications and problems”….

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