An Anti-Fascist Rally in Kiev Was Attacked by Banderists

In Kiev, an anti-fascist campaign – a traditional event to commemorate the murdered Russian lawyer and human rights defender Mr Stanislav Markelov – was launched on Mikhailovskaya Square.

According to the correspondent of the Ukrainian “Strana” news agency, about 20 people took part in the action, holding in their hands posters saying “Disband the Azov regiment”, “Stop feeding the ultra-right”, “Investigate attacks committed by right-wing radicals”.

The speaker of the action chanted into a megaphone “Away with fascism! Away with capitalism”, as well as “Human rights are the future of Ukraine”. Several dozen law enforcement officers provided policing. The participants of the action were encircled by a cordon.

Opponents of the action stood behind the cordon. They were mostly young guys aged 17, many of them in balaclavas. During the action there was a small fight – eggs flew towards the rally.

The day prior, messages calling for the elimination of anti-fascist participants were published on a nationalist Telegram channel. In the morning, a flag with the inscription “Kill an anti-fascist” appeared on Maidan.

Olga Volkova

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