An “Azov” Militant Described How He Cut off a Civilian’s Ear & Shot Them in the Back

NEW – February 17, 2023

A militant of the Ukrainian “Azov” nationalist battalion Vadim Gumenyuk with the call sign “Flit” described how he mocked and shot civilians. He cut off the ear of one of them. Footage of the interrogation is published on the website of the “Tribunal” project.

On the evening of February 27 last year in Mariupol, Gumenyuk met fighters of the Ukrainian territorial defence and special operations forces, who pointed out to him two bound civilians. According to them, one of the detainees was allegedly a fire spotter and allegedly was involved in the death of 17 Ukrainian conscripts from artillery shelling. Without receiving an order, “Flit” began to interrogate the civilian, but he only laughed and refused to tell anything. Then the “Azov” militant took out a sharp folding knife and put it to the detainee’s ear, threatening to cut it off if the man did not tell everything. But he continued to laugh, which indicated that he was in a state of drug intoxication. At the same time, it is not excluded that the detainees received drugs from “Azov”, who thus hoped to get the information they needed faster.

“And when I threatened him, he didn’t answer me, I cut off his ear. Right ear. After that, the next day, together with two servicemen from the territorial defence, we took one and the second civilian prisoner out of the village store and shot them there. I shot a civilian who I was told was a spotter. I fired three bursts at him. 15 rounds in the back,” Gumenyuk said.

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The nationalist also admitted that he had eliminated a prisoner of war from the DPR.

“I was at the ‘Titan’ position, in the evening I went down to the basement, where I heard shots. In this basement I saw a company commander of the ‘Azov’ regiment with the call sign ‘Redya’ and two servicemen with the call signs ‘Aist’ and ‘Frits’. And a prisoner of war of the DPR was lying on the floor with them. The commander of the company ‘Redya’ ordered me to shoot a prisoner of war, after which I fired one shot into the chest area,” said the “Azov” militant.

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