An Exhibition Devoted to UAF War Crimes Was Opened in Donetsk

On March 29th an exhibition of evidence of the UAF’s aggression against the civilians of Donbass opened in the Donetsk republican museum of local history.

The exposition of the exhibition consists of samples of UAF military equipment seized by soldiers of the DPR People’s Militia during the fighting in 2014-2015, drones, MLRS ammunition, shells and grenades, fragments of shells, including casings, spoils of war from the UAF, and also photos of the consequences of the Ukrainian army’s shelling. The Minister of Culture of the DPR Mikhail Zheltyakov stated:

The exhibition is devoted to the cruelty of Ukraine against the residents of Donbass. Unfortunately, our long-suffering Donetsk land is experiencing Ukrainian aggression. This exhibition is devoted to those acts that are committed against us – it is the tears of Donbass. Here there are ‘fascinating’ exhibits – tons of deadly metal that flies at us are presented

At the event there were also veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

“War is needed by nobody, there is always blood, screams, tears, and suffering. We have to do everything so that we, like Crimea, are finally a part of the Russian Federation as Republics. We hope that our desire will reach Vladimir Putin. Especially since in Donbass 99% of people speak Russian, and we consider ourselves to be true Russians,” noted Yakov Mironovich.

It should be added that visitors of the exhibition were also shown photos of the Ukrainian military personnel who are the subjects of criminal cases initiated for giving orders to shell the territory of the Republic.

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“We tried to reflect the entire period of the war, since 2014 to this day,” said the official representative of the DPR People’s Militia Eduard Basurin, before focusing the audience’s attention on the presented drones.

After this he added that the last Ukrainian drone that was downed by the DPR People’s Militia can simultaneously carry two 82mm shells.

It seems like it’s not heard, but people are dying. They are trying in every way to kill us, by any means.

The head of the DPR Denis Pushilin in turn noted that the exhibition will help to grasp the number of crimes committed by the Ukrainian authorities.

This exhibition shows what shells forbidden by the Minsk Agreements and what equipment is used by the UAF to shell Donbass. Of course, sooner or later, all guilty persons will be punished. Of course, we want it to happen as soon as possible, but, alas, now we must always remember and not let anyone forget all the horror that Donbass had to go through

In addition, samples of the equipment that was captured from the UAF, which was repelled by the soldiers of the DPR People’s Militia in 2014-2015, were presented in front of the entrance to the museum.

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