An Eyewitness Testimony of the UAF’s Massacre of a Teenager and Her Mother in the LPR

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Oxana Chelysheva


On October 13th two residents of the LPR were killed by the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – 17-year-old Anastasiya Kovtun and her 47-year-old mother Larisa Kovtun. More information about this incident can be read here, here, here, and here. In the text below Anastasiya’s friend, who was with her at the moment she and her mother were killed, gives a description of what happened on that fateful day. 


The funeral of the mother and daughter takes place tomorrow  [October 15th – ed] at 11am, reports Egor today.

Egor is 18-years-old. The friend of Anastasiya Kovtun, who died yesterday.  This morning the boy wrote to me. And then left a voice message with a story about the death of Anastasiya and her mother.

Egor: “The shelling continued during all the day. But the explosions happened far away. The UAF stand in the fields near the town of Zolotoye – shells flew from there. Anastasiya and I were at my home, and then she decided to go to her mother’s place, just when the shelling stopped. I went with her. During the whole journey there wasn’t any shots fired. We were in the yard. I went outside the gates to smoke – I was about 15 meters away. And then there was a shot and smoke. I was thrown to the ground. I jumped up and ran to the yard. One shell was enough for them. It seemed like it was 80mm. Anastasiya was near her mother. Her mother was killed, and Anastasiya still breathed. She wheezed and bled. Her legs and fingers were severed. I tried to stop the bleeding. We called for an ambulance, but they did not go to the zone of shelling. I took her by the head, and there was a wound on her nape. But she lived 20 more minutes. Then the military feldsher came running. I asked him to give an injection so that it got to the heart. But he had nothing – just a bandage and a tourniquet. The ambulance didn’t arrive. And then the military personnel brought them to the morgue. F*ckers, I have no more Anastasiya. Who did she upset and why did this shell arrive in the yard… And maybe she could’ve been saved…”

Egor is a student of the 1st course of the historical faculty. Anastasiya was studying in her second year of medical school.

Egor sent me his phone number: it was difficult for him to write it. He agreed to meet with employees of the OSCE Mission. And I also had to explain to the 18-year-old boy what documents he has to collect in order to demand punishment, including also because he isn’t just a witness. He is a victim

Employees of the OSCE Mission are working at the place of the tragedy. Egor watched this from a distance. Now he will meet them.

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