An Independent Journalist From “Free” & “Tolerant” Germany Is Forced to Save Herself & Her Mother in “Totalitarian” Russia

NEW – August 15, 2022

The mother of independent German journalist Alina Lipp was threatened by the German authorities for her daughter’s activities in Donbass – now she is safe in Russia

The Berlin authorities continued to persecute independent journalist Alina Lipp and her family. First, the girl, who had been covering events in Donbass for her compatriots for six months and spoke out for the Russian special operation, had her bank account closed, effectively having her savings stolen. After that, her father’s bank account was blocked in the same way, and a criminal case was opened against Alina herself, and since then she has been facing three years in prison in her homeland for writing and talking about Donbass and the special operation.

When “Readovka” did an interview with Alina, she talked a little about her mother, Petra, who stayed in Germany. But now she also had to leave, because one day she was no longer able to pay with a bank card and withdraw money from it – the bank account was arrested, and after that she began to receive threats of arrest. Alina had to temporarily stop activities on her Telegram channel, where the Germans learn the truth about the events in Ukraine, and take action. Fortunately, her mother is already in Russia, safe, and now she is not in danger for being the mother of her daughter. Alina and Petra told about this in their video message, which they shared with us.

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