An Overpriced Rip-Off: What Liverpool and Real Madrid Fans Thought About Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian capital, which hosted the UEFA Champions League final the day prior, was remembered by guests from other countries by its inflated prices for flights, accommodation, and also its bad service. 
Foreign fans expressed such an opinion during the survey conducted in Kiev by Anatoly Shariy’s YouTube channel.

“Everything was occupied, and what remained was very expensive, about €1,000 per night. Also there are people who reserved accommodation in 3 weeks in advance without even knowing yet whether Real Madrid will play in the final, and ‘Booking’ cancelled the reservation, having invented different reasons, and then they simply resold the accommodation for €1,000. The flight was also very expensive, about €1,000 per person,” said the young Real Madrid fan.

According to visitors, enjoying the Ukrainian capital is too expensive, therefore many were going to depart immediately after the match.

“Accommodation was difficult and expensive to find in Kiev, we have a flight booked for immediately after the game. Accommodation is too expensive – €1300,” said fans of Real Madrid.

Some guests just decided to stay overnight in bars.

“Everything is so expensive that we simply have no place to stay. Thousands of euros and pounds for just one night. We have no place to stay, we hope that the bars will work all night long,” said two Liverpool fans, sharing their impressions.

One of those who could afford accommodation in Kiev were fans whose trip was paid for by employers, however the guests complained about the low level of service at the “Boryspil” international airport.

“We are staying at a hotel. Europeans aren’t able to afford to remain here during the Champions League, everything is very expensive here, and accommodation was provided for us by the company. There was a problem with the airports, the service in Boryspil is just awful,” stated the foreign guests.

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