An Unpleasant Surprise Awaits the West

NEW – August 17, 2022

We are going through a strange time right now. A time of paradoxes, unprecedented combinations of reality. And a time of dangerous illusions for those who misunderstand this reality.

On the one hand, Russia is taking such drastic steps – both political and even military – that could not have been expected a year ago. As part of the Ukrainian special operation, full-scale military operations are underway. Tens of thousands of people risk their lives every day to liberate historic Russia. The lands that were watered with the blood of a Russian soldier hundreds of years ago are returning home after a short historical pause. In other words, Russia – and it would seem that this should be obvious to everyone – clearly demonstrates its determination to protect its interests by all means. Use the entire arsenal of means to protect the Russian people, our fellow citizens, and create a decent future for all of us. For the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has woken up and really shown its strength to get rid of the historical shame.

On the other hand, our country faces new attempts to humiliate us every day. With mockery of what is precious and sacred to us. With new harassment, attacks, insults. Paradoxically, our resolve has not calmed down – no, it has teased our enemies. British Defence Secretary threatens Russia with a nuclear bomb. Madrid mayor insults Russians and calls for “punishing them”. Estonia intends to make the Baltic Sea an “internal sea of NATO”. Latvia bans the Russian language even in everyday communication and declares Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism”. The same step is being considered by the US Congress.

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I, as a resident of Kaliningrad, am particularly affected by what is happening, as are all residents of our region. Lithuania plans to block Kaliningrad transit in the coming days. Lithuanian border guards pointedly aim machine guns at our mushroom pickers from the other side of the Neman River.

What does all this mean? Why are Europe’s Russophobic regimes so brazen? I think many people in the West still don’t believe that we are serious about this. Maybe they really believe that we can be stopped by sanctions, economic pressure, and political statements. They don’t want to negotiate with us, or really consider our terms, because they don’t think we can do more. Apparently, in the West, they believe that everything that is happening is a little make-believe on our part, even despite large-scale military operations; that Russia does not have the strength, resources, or political will to complete what it has begun; that our people and our authorities do not have the real determination to do this – and we will stop in the middle of it. Probably, they even think that inside Russia, among us, among our fellow citizens, there is a mass “fifth column”, supporters of the nazi regime of Ukraine.

This is the illusion that Western politicians live in. Naivety that turns into stupidity. Russia will not lower the stakes. On the contrary, Russia will increase them. Any spitting in our direction awaits its response. Russia has pride, interests, and goals. There is everything to achieve these goals. Too much is at stake, and every Russian citizen is affected by this.

Our response to any attempt to interrupt the communication of one part of Russia with another – the Kaliningrad exclave – will be powerful and effective. The Ukrainian special operation will inevitably achieve what it started out for. Let the West as a whole, and especially some Baltic politicians, understand one simple truth. If the advance on the Ukrainian fronts is not rapid, this does not mean that Russia is preparing to stop. This means that Russia is preparing for something even more serious. And the sooner the West accepts reality as it is, the easier it will be for them to negotiate with us after our victory.

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Andrey Kolesnik

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