Anatoly Wasserman: Ukrainians Are Being Duped for the Fifth Year by Attractive Slogans

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The winter has only just begun, and people in Ukraine already freeze. What, is it the damned Moskals who made a blockade? No, there is no money to pay for fuel.

The International Monetary Fund agrees to give Ukraine credits only in exchange for a rise in the prices for housing and communal services. This led to mass non-payments. In addition, Kiev doesn’t want to buy coal extracted in Donbass, and Ukrainians have no money to pay for expensive coal from Pennsylvania.

Nearly a third of the country is without heating. In some cities the electricity has also been disconnected. The freezing people started protest actions.

I will remind you in clear text about how the militants of the Verkhovna Rada deputy Semenchenko blocked the transport routes between Ukraine  and Donbass, about how Nazis bragged about the blockade, and about how everyone — everyone! — who today in Ukraine call themselves the government, led by Poroshenko, supported it.

Do you remember how Poroshenko kissed a piece of Pennsylvanian coal, as if saying: here it is, energy independence!

I openly call the residents of Ukraine to think! Just think! Why Pennsylvania, and not Poland, for example. There is coal there too, and you will laugh – but it is cheaper!

And this is because, via Poroshenko’s hands, at your expense, Trump makes America great again! At his command, Petro raises the Pennsylvania region, where, before the contract with Kiev was signed, mines were already being closed! And all talk about independence, appeals to support Ukraine, and about grinning and bearing things — they are for you, freezing simpletons!

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You are being duped for the fifth year by attractive slogans! They do it in the dirtiest and most criminal sense of this word! Since Maidan, when they promised to reduce the prices of gas and housing and communal services. Do you remember how for this you helped those who jumped, carrying coffee and mittens to them? And some brought empty small bottles for Molotov cocktails, so that these small bottles can then kill!

So now receive and sign for it! Naftogaz of Ukraine officially received the right to stop the gas supply of internal consumers at any debt. And if only one apartment falls into debt, the whole building will be disconnected. Jump some more! It helps fend off the cold!!!

Shall gas at any cost

The terrorists in Kiev are promised help by the European Union and the United States of America. However, the US doesn’t promise to help the EU itself.

On November 12th in Kiev the US Secretary of Energy Perry stated that the US will prevent the construction and operation of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline and the second line of Nord Stream. According to him, the US has sufficient means for a victory. Earlier he and other US officials more than once promised to impose tough sanctions on all who are involved not only in creating new gas pipelines, but also are involved in receiving gas through them.

A reminder: the gas transit system of Ukraine still breathes, but already with the help of incense — its reanimation will cost at least $15 billion, even without taking into account Kiev’s legendary theft.

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Kiev, after the coup, is up to its eyeballs in debt — it can’t even start to think about repairing it. The EU, in principle, can repair turbo-pump stations and replace the pipes — but only after the system transitions to its property, so that Kiev can’t steal the gas paid for by Europe, not to mention the blocking of deliveries, which the EU threatened to do more than once.

A warning: Washington will find a way not to allow Brussels to repair the Ukrainian gas transit system, because the latter is needed by the US no more than the Northern and Turkish streams. America wants to force its own shale gas onto Europe! But it is known in advance that it is many times dearer than ours! That’s why the US needs to disconnect the EU from the Russian Federation. How? By blockading gas pipelines!

Trump wants to revive the US’ production — he doesn’t need foreign competitors. And at the same time European industry, deprived of cheap raw materials and energy, will become non-competitive, at least in America.

If the EU will go broke, then it is even better: against the background of dwarfs it is easy to make America great again. A lion is a lion at home. However, this saying also has a continuation: outside of home, the lion is a mouse. We have lions. But are there any in Europe? A big question.

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